Questions of Pregnancy…

As you all know pregnancy is the real thing and very hard throughout your 9 months.  Your body will change, your feelings and just getting tired and moody, but hold on cause you will receive the best gift ever.  Your baby!  I will be sharing different things to being pregnant within this post.  So grab a seat and read.

One of the biggest topics for new mothers is can I drink during pregnancy.  Well I never did and I have 6 children, my firsts was twins.  There are really two sides for this question.  Some say it is alright in moderation and some say NO!  Well the CDC states that no amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe. In fact, they also recommend against drinking any alcohol when trying to get pregnant.  So give this question a real answer. Think of it this way: would you let your baby drink alcohol? Rum? Vodka? Tequila?

Which way do you go?

Now on to another topic that I know a lot of pregnant women get and I certainly did.   As you know our bodies change, so as I know that pregnant women get hiccups.  Do you suffer from this annoying part during your pregnancy?  As the woman’s body changes,  there is really  nothing she can do to change hiccups occurring naturally. When a person has the hiccups, this is an involuntary contraction of the larynx and the diaphragm.   Here are a few causes that causes hiccups.  Spasmodic contractions of the muscles in your chest are what cause hiccups to occur. Even when you’re pregnant, the body will react in the same way. You may find that certain actions can irritate the diaphragm and larynx, too.

A few of the times that people seem to get hiccups more often are:

  • Drinking too much
  • Drinking too quickly
  • Eating too quickly

Women will often ask what are these 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 weeks pregnant hiccups? And they’re just hiccups. They’re nothing to worry about, and you can consult with your doctor to find out if something is wrong if you’re that worried.

I hope this helps out at least a little.  You can find lots of information at: Check Pregnancy and even some different information at this other great site: Breakthrough Bleeding.  I hope you all have a great pregnancy and maybe come back and let us know how it went.  Don’t be shy we love to hear about your bundle of joy.


(I received a copy of each book for free in return for my honest opinion of them. I was not compensated nothing at all for this post.)


I want to start off by saying I have been married for 7 years so far and hoping for many, many more years.  My husband and I have known each other for over 20 years though.  We were on and off throughout high school and of course after that too, but we were always best friends.  I can honestly say as of today he still is my BEST friend.

As you know any marriage is not a piece of cake, but it seems if the problem is tough and we work on it together it brings us closer together.  It can be hard to make time for each other. Especially when you have small children. You are busy building a family; working hard to provide and keep those kids in order. I think that’s why a lot of marriages fail. Too often, making time for a husband and wife gets put by the wayside to focus on the kids in the critical years of a marriage.

Everyone is busy and when you reach a certain point in your life when the kids are grown and you find it’s time to reconnect with your hubby or wife, you may feel it’s a difficult thing to do.  It may seem that you might have lost the connection or spark that you once had for each other.  It also may feel like you don’t even know each other anymore.  That is why I am telling you about these two great books that I got to review.


LISTS TO LOVE BY FOR BUSY WIVES by Mark and Susan Merrill


The author, Mark and Susan Merrill understand that couples crave love, but don’t always know how to express it to one another. These thirty lists will carry husbands and wives through an entire month of learning to love their wives more deeply–wisdom they will come back to again and again.  The real life answers in these books will help many couples refresh and of course strengthen their marriage.


I am going to start by telling you I know sometimes throughout our marriage I am not the greatest, perfect wife.  I can admit it, but my husband doesn’t admit it about himself.  I know and anyone that knows us knows that he can use help in this department.

As for me, I know that I seem to always be busy, that is because I am.  I tend to take on to many things in a day, but I have always been like that.  I also am in end-stage renal failure and I know this has put a weight on our relationship.  It is not so much him but me.  My dialysis does take a lot out of me and I am not thrilled about it all.

Lists to Love By for Busy Wives and Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands are perfect companion books that will help find that lost connection and strengthen those vows you took. The books are small in size yet large in information and tasks.

I had read both books so I had an idea of the one for the husbands too.  I did give it to my husband and he is in the middle of reading it.  I also have been trying to go by what is in these books.  I have a feeling that these books will help save our marriage.  The information in these books are all broken down into parts, so it is easier to follow along.

Some examples that will be in the books:
* 10 texts to send to your husband.
* 8 expectations for a great marriage.
* 8 keys to understanding what your husband is saying.
* 11 things a husband and wife must agree on.
And so on with 30 lists altogether to work through.

In Lists To Love By For Busy Husbands, it is a similar structure. There are also 30 different lists that are similar to the Busy Wives book.

You can find lists like:
* 3 things to remember about marriage
* 7 things husband should stop doing
* 5 unfair expectations you may have of your wife
And so much more.


Is your marriage as good as you want it to be?

Do you think your marriage could use more help?


I personally would just suggest to you all to grab these two books and sit down and read them.  There is no marriage out there that can not use a little help.  So come and grab them and make your marriage even stronger and happier.


HGG 2016 – Gifts For The Home



Now I want to share some of these awesome products and things that would make great Christmas gifts.  It will have a wide variety of gift ideas.  So make sure you come and check out each and every one.  I am actually going to start with a package deal which I think the person receiving will truly love.  So enough of this and let me get started.



This is called the Prize Package because it includes everything.  I think this is pretty awesome. You get an 11 x 13 non-stick pan, S & P shakers, their seasoning, chefs hat and apron and a coupon for 24 count steamer pack.  You need to read more HERE and join in on the great giveaway at the bottom of the post, but it’s ending soon.









This truly would be the perfect blanket for your nights in your den in front of the fireplace.  It is so very soft, light-weight, feels great on your skin and does keep you warm.  This silk blanket also comes in several different colors, but I loved the plum.

Read full review HERE!  Don’t pass it up cause if you give one to the lady in your life or maybe a close couple present, everyone will love it!





HGG 2016 – Stocking Stuffer Gifts!




As you know Stocking Stuffers are very important for Christmas morning.  I know my children when they were younger always grabbed their stocking first.  That is why I think it is a big part of Christmas.  I do know that it is hard to find really good stocking stuffers that don’t include candy and a bunch of small toys.  So, I will be sharing with you some awesome products you can put in the stocking.


 Children’s Sonic LED Toothbrush 

This toothbrush features a brush head that lights up with a rainbow of bright LED colors.  This toothbrush could help a lot with your little ones. It certainly would make brushing their teeth FUN.

Come and read the full review HERE.





Do you have picky eaters in the house?  If you do then this is the perfect solution to the problem.  There are 10 different characters you can choose from.  Your children will just have fun cutting the food out the FunBites and forget that they don’t like cheese for example.

Come and read the full review HERE and the 3 easy steps to use these awesome FunBites.





These four flavors of biscotti would truly be an awesome stocking stuffer for children and adults.  They are individually wrapped for freshness and easy to take with you.

Come and read the full review HERE!



An electric guitar pickup that delivers versatile tone.

Now let me introduce and tell you a little bit about this SCREAMIN DEMON.  The Seymour Duncan SH-12 Humbucker Pickup screams like a banshee or purrs like a kitten. Push it for a tone rich in harmonics and sustain; or back off for a fat, sassy, clean sound. 4 conductor.

It cleans up to a sparkle when you back off the guitars volume knob. The clarity/definition is amazing on these and it almost has a single coil like attack to it. The demon is a very unforgiving pickup so if your playing is sloppy it will stand out just like if you play very precise it will shine. the name is misleading it is not a paint peeling metal pickup like a EMG 81. it has a little more output than a P.A.F but has a very aggressive tone. you can play through the most slobbering gain and it still has definition!

My best friend’s husband has a band with his brother and a few other friends.  Of course she is always looking for something new that he don’t have yet.  She finds it hard sometimes and I seen that upfront.  So I am always searching on the internet for sites to shop on that does not cost a fortune and I am able to find anything and everything.  Plus I have an advantage because of my freelance writing/product reviewer.  This site that the SCREMIN DEMON is sold on is a dreamland for any musician.  My friend’s husband loves the site and of course he loves the SCREAMIN DEMON.

I want to take a minute to tell you some pros and cons on this certain product.  Of course I asked the musician for them.  Now this is what he had to say about it all.


  • Functional
  • Good Quality
  • Improves Sound


  • None At All


The name is deceiving.  The pickup is not a super high-output distortion pickup despite the name. The pickup gets a great overall tone that doesn’t detract from your sustain by having an excessively strong magnetic pull. You can get the tone out of a piece of wood that you normally can’t get a singing tone from.

Quit screamin’ for more sound from your axe! Get this humbucker today with just a few clicks.


Screamin Demon stands above the rest………Grab yours HERE.

HGG 2016 – Gifts For Children…..




In this section I am going to share with you some pretty awesome gift ideas for children.  I have a wide variety of products that is for children of all ages.  So if your not sure what to get those children of yours or for the other children in your family.  Then look through here and I know you will find something.




Have you heard of this game? If not then you must check it out.  This is a great educational game.  It will help with  vocabulary building.  This game can be played with up to 12 players and for children 7 and up.

Find out more about this family fun game HERE and read full review.







What boy wouldn’t go crazy over this Lamborghini radio control car.  It has the style and all of the fun. This also would look great on a shelf for those teens that love to collect hot cars.

Make sure you come and read the full review right HERE!







This game is a fun, educational game.  Your children will be learning while they are having a fun time playing the game.  My family had a blast playing this game on our family game night.

Wanna learn more about this game?  If your answer is yes, then click HERE.







If your little girl loves to play with dolls then this is the Modern Kitchen Playset she has to have.  It includes the little pieces of food and even has realistic sounds that can be heard.

Come and read a little more about this kitchen set here.








Introducing ParentsNeed ………..

I am sharing this great article for purchasing your child the best RC Helicopter.  This article gives you an abundant of information on what to look for, how they work and what should the helicopter look like and everything.


HGG 2016 – Gifts For Him….



This section is to show you some awesome products you can get for that man in your life.  Let me as you something.  Do you find it hard to get that perfect gift for the man in your life?  Don’t worry if you said yes, because I think everyone can say that.  So I am going to list some great ideas for that perfect Christmas gift for him.


AutoRight headlight restoration kit.  We all know men and their cars.  This is why this kit would be great for him.  This Kit will  restore the  clarity to yellow, cloudy headlights, using the 4 Inch Cordless Detailing Polisher.

Make sure you come over HERE to read the full review and check out a couple other great products.



HGG 2016 – Gifts for her!



I would like to introduce to this section of my Holiday Gift Guide 2016.  This section will show you all what kinds of gifts for that special lady in your life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your mom, wife, girlfriend or daughter so you can make your choice easy.


Giving Soap

14720443_1766894656861149_7283419107922462778_n-1  Welcome to Giving Soaps!  They have many different scents of soap and body lotions.  This Cinnamon Almond bar soap is amazing.  The reason I said that is because I actually had the chance to try this one and several other products from their site.  The aroma of the cinnamon is amazing and it stays with you even after your shower.

This site has the perfect gift for the woman in your life.  You really need to come and read the full review HERE.







Tesia Tea

Every woman loves their cup of tea, so why not give her a variety pack.  This tea is the best and the company knew this when they created each amazing flavor.  I love a nice cup of hot tea just before bed, so if she is like me you really can’t go wrong.

Come and check out the full review right HERE!





The lady in your life will LOVE these silk pajamas.  I can tell you I love them and they have an assortment of colors to choose from.  You seriously need to read the full review HERE!

***** CHECK IT OUT !! *****



I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you to check it out at Guitar Center.  They have everything a musician could ever want or need.  The products are made with quality and have a very reasonable price to purchase.  I would just tell you to check it out and decide for yourself.

Now I would like to introduce you to a few of their awesome products that every musician must have.  These are the products my best friend’s husband had bought for his band.

Neumann TLM 103 Condensor Microphone


A standard name in high-end recording studios around the world, Neumann mics deliver the professional touch that’s needed to capture high-quality audio.  The TLM 103 is fast becoming a standard for home recording and the music industry. The large-diaphragm Neumann TLM-103 Microphone provides platinum-quality sound on a bronze budget, using transformerless circuitry for ultra low self-noise and handling high sound pressure levels up to 138dB.




Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar Worn Cherry

Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar Worn Cherry


Mahogany Les Paul body features Epiphone P90R and P90T Soap Bar pickups producing huge, FAT single coil tones, and an adjustable wrap-around bridge/tailpiece for maximum edge and sustain.  Just some of the Features: 

  • Body shape: Single cutaway

  • Body type: Solid body

  • Body material: Solid wood

  • Top wood: Not applicable

  • Body wood: Mahogany

  • Body finish: Gloss

  • Orientation: Right-handed

  • Neck

  • Neck shape: SlimTaper D

  • Neck wood: Mahogany

  • and so much more.

Guitar Center is the world’s largest retailer of guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, recording, live sound, DJ, and lighting equipment, with more than 260 stores across the U.S. 2014 marks the milestone 50th anniversary of the Guitar Center Brand as we continue to help people make music from coast to coast. In addition, the Music & Arts division operates more than 120 stores specializing in band & orchestral instruments for sale and rental, serving teachers, band directors, college professors, and students since 1952.

What do you think about Guitar Center?

Are you a musician?

Do you have a band?

Make sure you CHECK IT OUT!

***** 80s rock hits *****



I want to share something really awesome with each and every one of you.  This 80’s Rock hit package is very reasonable and you will love it.

iVideosongs is a low-cost, cutting-edge alternative to expensive private lessons and the inaccurate TAB, unreliable tips, and fragmented lessons scattered throughout the Internet. Every DVD in this series contains four complete songs broken into segments that highlight the intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro for each song, so you can learn at your own pace. The songs are transcribed and taught accurately, just as they were written and performed. We get it right, so you can. With iVideosongs, you can indulge in the experience of learning your favorite songs as often as you want, anytime, anywhere. Titles: * Carry on Wayward Son (Kansas) * Don’t Fear the Reaper (Blue –yster Cult) * Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac) * Takin’ Care of Business (Bachman-Turner Overdrive).

Now you have to agree with me that these songs are perfect.  They are out of the 80’s in which I was growing up and heard them all.  This music is real music not like some of it now a days.  This is a great buy and would make the perfect Christmas gift.


Do you like the 80’s music?

What are you waiting for?

Check it out HERE!