Abusing Pets as Toys


Nobody likes to be treated as a toy.

Not a single living thing could accept that kind of mistreatment.

It is considered as a torture, abusing and EVILDORE!


This is on tale I need to remind parents about adopting a new pet,  NEVER EVER treat pets as a toy or an experiment.

fluffy chick-pixabay
fluffy chick-pixabay

This is a true tale.

My sister-in-law wanted to let her kids to learn about Science.

However, she took a wrong concept on living things.


egg by peachpurple
egg by peachpurple


I am sure all schools teach pupils about how the chicks hatch from the eggs.

You need to incubate the eggs for weeks under warm heat such  as electrical bulb in a  confine box with hays.


She did as per the Science book instructions and soon enough,

there were  4 chicks hatching from the eggs.


Yup, her kids were thrilled that the Science project did worked

after all the hard work.

In addition, the chicks were cute enough to be cuddle, played

and fed but not for long.


My sister-in-law could not stand dirty pets at home.

She had to clean up the chicks’ poop, urine and taking care of them at night were taking a toll for her.



Finally, she found a GOOD excuse to get rid of the  chicks.

She and her family were going for a vacation.

Hence, this gave her a very GOOD, HONEST and KIND excuse to get someone  to take care of the chicks while they are off somewhere enjoying themselves.


Yes, my father-in-law became the “New Pet Owner” of the chicks.

She deliberately put 4 chicks into a box and left them in the boot of the car.

Is there any air in the box, closed up and confined in the boot?

“How about trying to stay in the boot for 1 hour?” I was 

screaming in my heart when I heard what she did to the chicks.


During the 1 hour journey from her home to my home

( my father-in-law was staying with us ), she did not stop to check on the chicks.


When she had reached our home, she took the box and gave it to my father-in-law.

He was shocked to see 2 dead chicks while the other 2 chicks

were severely  dehydrated and gasping for air, semi-conscious.


ANyway, she left the dead chicks and 2 semi-alive chicks under my father-in-law care and set off to her vacation trip without offering advice

or help for those poor pets.

( As if this has nothing to do with her since she had “washed her hands off”)


In the end, she didn’t came back for the chicks either.

She pretended that nothing had happened when she came to

visit my father-in-law after her 1 week oversea trip.


As for the 2 semi-conscious chicks, they did lived but not for long.


So, if you intend to adopt a pet for your kids or yourself,

please bear in mind that you have the responsibilities to take

 care of your pets.


Don’t go “Oh so cute” when they are young and

ugh, so troublesome” when they grow older.

guppy fish-pixabay
guppy fish-pixabay

By the way, she did the same thing for the guppy fishes too.


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photos: pixabay



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6 thoughts on “Abusing Pets as Toys”

  1. This is something that angers me a lot. I myself have two cats, and they are not my pets, they are my family. My son is only two and I’ve had to teach him that he must be kind and gentle with them.

  2. This is something that doesn’t sit well with me either. I agree with you that if someone takes on a pet than they need to take responsibility for the pet. There was no excuse for your sister-in-law not to understand the care that would come with chicks. There are no doubt many sources online about how to care for them. So, before doing so she should of did research. I too have cats and dogs. Of course they are kept separated but I make sure they are well cared for.

  3. How MEAN! Someone else might have enjoyed those chickens–if not for pets, at least for food later in the year.

    Growing up, I learned firsthand that there are chickens you can love as friends and chickens you can enjoy as meals…I’ve also heard of chickens you might have to destroy, as quickly and humanely as possible, because they’re sick…but there’s never any excuse for cruelty to chickens.

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