Crows Stealing Clothes Hangers


Everyday, I could see 4 to 5 black crows perching on the clothes line.

They are waiting for me to move away so that they could steal my clothes hangers again.

These black pests had been down scavenging my garbage bins for food.

Now, they are now lurking at my clothes hangers for making their nest.

There had been several times a week, I could noticed the clothes hangers being scattered on the floor when I was going to hang the wet laundry.

clothes hanger by peachpurple

The black crows had been stealing clothes hangers in order to make their nests since there are hardly any big trees with branches available in our residence area.

Hence, these pesky crows steal clothes hangers from my laundry line and my neighbors so that they would built up their nests elsewhere.

Sometimes, I could see 2 or 3 clothes hangers hanging on the telephone lines Sometimes these hangers were found the roadside which are colorful ones, looked brand new.

My neighbors had been complaining of their missing clothes hangers which I am having the same problem here too.

Therefore, I would use a big clothes peg to bundle the clothes hangers after use.

Alternatively,  cut  mineral water bottle into halves and place bottom bottle over them so that the crows could not move them.

Amazingly, crows are huge birds, bigger than the sparrows, almost the same size as the pigeons.

Black crows  are good and clever at picking up the hangers on the clothes line.

A crow would scatter the hangers  on the floor before deciding to choose the one particular hanger it wanted.

Frankly speaking, I had never seen a crow’s nest made of hangers yet but I would surely make a boomerang and throw at them one day!


Do you have problems with missing clothes hangers lately?

Do you have problems with crows?

Old folks cautioned that we should not chase black crows because it will bring bad luck to the family such as death, misfortunes or disturbed harmony in the family.


How do you deal with black crows in your neighborhood?

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One thought on “Crows Stealing Clothes Hangers”

  1. We are actually hoping their populations will recover from West Nile Virus, which reduced crow populations 10-15 years ago. Before that, Americans used all kinds of tricks to scare crows…everything from having children play in the cornfield and throw twigs or stones at them, through making stick figures that crows might mistake for humans for a day or two, to shooting and poison. No fear of bad luck, although now there’s still some reason to fear the virus.

    More kindhearted people say it’s possible to make friends with crows…but they don’t forgive, and don’t forget.

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