Puppy dumped into a Ditch

Animal cruelty is on  the rise and more domestic animals especially the stray cats and dogs are being cruelly treated by the humans.

Although the strays may not hinder the path of the humans, people who have hatred towards these pitiful animals.

a black puppy by pixabay
a black puppy by pixabay

There was once I lived in a residential area where those low class people and medium class lived along the same residence.

One of the neighbor who worked as a loan shark. None of the neighbors dare to befriend with this man who had a wife and 2 kids.

His kids wanted to have a pet. So the man took in a female dog ( bitch ) as the pet .

It was pregnant and had 4 or 5 pups later.

Of course, his kids were thrilled to have the pups to play with but nobody really takes a good care of the puppies.

They put the pups into a box as a “home” while the mother had to check on them.

One day, the unfortunate day, the man was reversing from the car porch.

As usual, the puppies were roaming around the car porch and nobody was looking out for them, whether any of the pups were near or under the car.

When he was reversing, suddenly a loud puppy was yelping loudly and continuously.

Obviously something had gone wrong.

The man stopped the car, stepped out of the car and found a black puppy was lying behind the back wheel.

It was bleeding profusely.

Yes, he had ran over the poor puppy without realizing it.

Anyway, he was very, extremely angry and shouted at his wife for not helping him to look out for the pups.

He went into the house.

A few minutes lately, he was holding a black plastic bag- garbage bag.

He dragged the bleeding puppy from the wheel and shoved it into the black plastic bag.

Then, he tied the bag and walked towards the ditch near to his home.

The poor puppy was whining and yelping all the way to the ditch.

He threw the puppy which was in the black plastic bag into the big ditch.

Then, he walked back to his car, reversed out and sped off.

His wife used a hose to wash off the puppy blood on the car porch.

That was it!

Nobody dare to go near the ditch. A few of us neighbors had witnessed the whole scenario but we didn’t dare to take any action.


What can we do?

It was a stray pup but almost dead ( dead by now )

The man was a loan shark, we don’t want any trouble from him.

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photo: pixabay


Abusing Pets as Toys


Nobody likes to be treated as a toy.

Not a single living thing could accept that kind of mistreatment.

It is considered as a torture, abusing and EVILDORE!


This is on tale I need to remind parents about adopting a new pet,  NEVER EVER treat pets as a toy or an experiment.

fluffy chick-pixabay
fluffy chick-pixabay

This is a true tale.

My sister-in-law wanted to let her kids to learn about Science.

However, she took a wrong concept on living things.


egg by peachpurple
egg by peachpurple


I am sure all schools teach pupils about how the chicks hatch from the eggs.

You need to incubate the eggs for weeks under warm heat such  as electrical bulb in a  confine box with hays.


She did as per the Science book instructions and soon enough,

there were  4 chicks hatching from the eggs.


Yup, her kids were thrilled that the Science project did worked

after all the hard work.

In addition, the chicks were cute enough to be cuddle, played

and fed but not for long.


My sister-in-law could not stand dirty pets at home.

She had to clean up the chicks’ poop, urine and taking care of them at night were taking a toll for her.



Finally, she found a GOOD excuse to get rid of the  chicks.

She and her family were going for a vacation.

Hence, this gave her a very GOOD, HONEST and KIND excuse to get someone  to take care of the chicks while they are off somewhere enjoying themselves.


Yes, my father-in-law became the “New Pet Owner” of the chicks.

She deliberately put 4 chicks into a box and left them in the boot of the car.

Is there any air in the box, closed up and confined in the boot?

“How about trying to stay in the boot for 1 hour?” I was 

screaming in my heart when I heard what she did to the chicks.


During the 1 hour journey from her home to my home

( my father-in-law was staying with us ), she did not stop to check on the chicks.


When she had reached our home, she took the box and gave it to my father-in-law.

He was shocked to see 2 dead chicks while the other 2 chicks

were severely  dehydrated and gasping for air, semi-conscious.


ANyway, she left the dead chicks and 2 semi-alive chicks under my father-in-law care and set off to her vacation trip without offering advice

or help for those poor pets.

( As if this has nothing to do with her since she had “washed her hands off”)


In the end, she didn’t came back for the chicks either.

She pretended that nothing had happened when she came to

visit my father-in-law after her 1 week oversea trip.


As for the 2 semi-conscious chicks, they did lived but not for long.


So, if you intend to adopt a pet for your kids or yourself,

please bear in mind that you have the responsibilities to take

 care of your pets.


Don’t go “Oh so cute” when they are young and

ugh, so troublesome” when they grow older.

guppy fish-pixabay
guppy fish-pixabay

By the way, she did the same thing for the guppy fishes too.


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photos: pixabay



How I Stopped Stray Catfights

OUT walking in the garden by peachpurple
OUT walking in the garden by peachpurple

In the past, my old cat OUT used to have cat fights with other stray cats especially the male cats which are bigger size than her.

Obviously, those male cats are ready to pounce on her.

Hence, in order to protect her, I had to use water hose to shoot at those male cats from making a scene.

Now that my OUT is residing at my brother-in-law home, I could still hear cat fights daily during the day and sometimes in the middle of the nights.

Cat fights, who could stand the sound of hissing, spatting, yowling and they do sound alike a child crying.

There are several reasons why stray cats fight among themselves.

  • over female cats
  • over food
  • over boundary
a cat yowling by pixabay
a cat yowling by pixabay

Lately, I had been hearing cat fights under our car, along the corridor and the back kitchen.

It is a yellow stray cat which had a crippled leg making an angry ready to pounce scene with a grayish blue collar cat which I believed it is owned by one of the neighbor.

These two nonsense stray cats are driving me nuts!

Hubby was napping during the day. he told me to shoo off the cats from fighting.

I went home , saw them yowling at each other , fur standing on their backs, showing their nice sharp white teeth to each other while I get ready to shoot them with the water hose.


water hose attached to the garden tap by peachpurple
water hose attached to the garden tap by peachpurple

I crept quietly towards the back kitchen while I held onto the water hose.

Switch the water hose head to “Shooter” , on the water and shot right the cats faces at close  range.

Of course, both cats were running for their lives.

Unfortunately, the crippled cat had a slower pace to run away, was quite wet when it was running away.

This is the only way to teach them a lesson not to have cat fights under my property.


two cats ready to pounce on each other by pixabay
two cats ready to pounce on each other by pixabay

The next few days, the same 2 stray cats were having cat fights again but not in my property.

It was behind the backyard of my neighbor.

I wouldn’t want to disturb my neighbor nor wet her backyard, so I had to ignore those cats.

Maybe I should learn how to use rubber bands , aim and shoot at them for a change!



Question: What do you do with catfights?

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Disposing a Dead Black Crow

I had just came back from disposing a dead black crow a while ago.

It came to me as a surprise when I went out to dispose the trash bag into the garbage bin.

Black crow by pixabay
Black crow by pixabay


There, I saw a black crow as large as a my 10inch laptop lying motionless on the grass near the garbage bin.

Its eyes were wide opened, its feet were curled up and wings were nicely folded in.

I thought the stray cats had killed it.

Since there weren’t any ants on the dead crow, no flies nor maggots, I decided to dispose it before it started to rot.

Obviously, the black crow had just died maybe 30 minutes ago.


old newspaper to wrap up the dead bird by peachpurple
old newspaper to wrap up the dead bird by peachpurple

I went to get a pair of long thongs, a few old newspaper and a plastic bag.

Nope, I do not intend to bury it either, that would be too much work and takes more time.

Open up the padlock, took the thong, poked the black crow to make sure that it is really DEAD not pretending to be DEAD.

Pick it up but it slipped off because it was heavy and bulky.

Flip it over to make sure there isn’t any bleeding or wound.

The crow was intact, looked as if it was mummified but the eyes were wide opened.

At the end of its beak, there were a few bits of white plastic bag shreds which I believed that it had been choked by swallowing up the plastic bag.

However, I do not understand it.

Crows are not stupid.

  1. They are clever birds. They could even picked up clothes hangers to make their nest up on top of the roofs.
  2. They could tear off garbage bags to savage for waste, rotten food and they love papayas.

This dead black crow must had been a weird birdie to have swallowed the non biodegradable plastic bag.

Otherwise, could it been shocked ?

Anyway, I lifted it with the thongs, place it on top of the spread out newspaper, said a little prayer, wrapped it up with 3 layers and put it into a plastic bag, tied it up tightly.


opposite of the roads by peachpurple
opposite of the empty field by peachpurple

Then, I walked to the opposite side of the empty field where most of the neighbors disposed garbage such as dried leaves, grass, potted plants.

I threw it there since I cannot dispose it into my garbage bin.

It will rot and smell awful under the heat.

Hopefully the dead black crow ‘s soul will rest in peace and if reincarnation is true, I pray so that it will have a better life.



What would you do with a dead crow/ bird?

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Cleaning Cat Pee

Do you know that a cat pee smells so horrible that you could puke?

I had just been cleaning up the cat pee in the car porch half an hour ago.

In addition, I had to take a shower after the task is done.

I felt filthy with the awful pee smell in my nostrils.

stray cat by peachpurple

Spotting the cat pee

At first I didn’t noticed the cat pee.

It was the foul, sour vinegar like odor that had caught my nose


I was sniffing, trying to figure out where the awful smell came from.

There it was!

A wide blotch of cat pee, almost dried up at the carporch, locate near

the front bumper of our car.

It was so smelly that I almost vomited.


Cleaning with water hose

Honestly, at first I thought that using the water hose to clean up the

cat pee  on the car porch could work but it didn’t.

Instead, hosing the water made the situation worst.

The cat pee would spread further and wider space.

This would cause stronger pee awful odor going straight into the



Cleaning with soap powder

Finally, I used 1 cupful of soap powder ( for laundry) with a bucket of water.

Used my hand to swirl the bucket contents until soapy.

Then scoop up a ladle of soap water , splash onto the cat pee.

Then use a broom with hard bristles to scrub the car porch .

I made sure that the pee stain isn’t there anymore, keep scrubbing

into wider  space.

Then use the water hose to wash off the soapy porch into the drain.



Now the cat pee odor is gone.

Could smell the soap powder fragrance filling up the atmosphere.

I heard that vinegar should be able to get rid of the cat pee stench permanently.

However, I am out of white vinegar nor baking soda.

Guess that soap powder worked out well and the cheapest so far.


By the way, I found the criminal cat which had peed on the car porch, it was  a crippled male stray cat, hiding under our car.

I think it was hot and run by a car because it was limping badly with 3 legs  while dragging the crippled leg.

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photos by peachpurple



Why Animal Cruelty on the Rise?

People, young and old are abusing animals such as kittens, puppies

or tortoises

poodle injured by pixabay
poodle injured by pixabay
  1. Video went viral-Pup abused


Have you seen the latest news or video on the internet of a school age  boy inhuman act against a helpless puppy?

The video shown had recorded that the boy held a puppy by its tail as  he was swinging recklessly in circles as the puppy barked helplessly.

Obviously, the poor pup was afraid, giddy and in pain when the boy

did  this inhuman act but he seemed to have enjoyed it.

He threw up the poor pup into the air and looked as if he wanted to

catch it  or he must have purposely allowed the puppy to fall down on

the road.

The pup was motionless, maybe dead, we don’t know.




2. Another viral video- Chopping off Tortoise head


This is not the only video uploaded online at Youtube for animal cruelty.

I had watched a gruesome video of a teen chopping off the head of a


Two teenagers were involved in this video. The boy was filming the video while the girl was seen using her foot to stop the tortoise from crawling away. Next, she used a chopper to chop off the poor tortoise head. Both of them were laughing.



3. Viral video- Kitten microwaved

A grown up man stomping kitten to vent his anger and a young

adult  microwave a helpless kitten alive.



So, why are people (teens and young adults ) acting like barbarians?

# Greed-

  • Do you know that the boy’s cruelty act video was shared 7K times

over  the Internet and received 4K comments?

  • Some people could earn money through Facebook while others

wanted to  become “FAMOUS” overnight over his animal cruelty act

since no one  dares to perform it.


# Entertainment –

  • A dog is a man’s best friend but this boy took it as a toy to play with,  an entertainment tool to make him happy.
  • He knows it is a living thing but he couldn’t care less of its life.
  • Threw away like a broken toy and even battered it until he was sure

it  was lifeless.

  • A selfish boy he wanted to own the puppy as his toy and to trash it

when  he is bored with it.


# Ignore-

  • Nobody is willing to report this matter to the Animal Welfare

department  of the daily rising animal cruelty cases.

  •  The adults do not want their kids to be locked up in jail or slapped

with  a fine for the animal violence.

  • Parents may come up with excuses such as

“Kids are young, they don’t  know. 

Give them a chance or It is just a stray kitty or puppy. 

Why do you care? It is an annoyance; just want to get rid of it”

The penalty and consequences of these animal cruelty acts are not

strict  in the eye of the law which is why kids, teens and adults

DARE to challenge and perform this barbarian act in order to

compete  each other.

People are taking lightly of poor helpless animals’ lives in their hands.




When will the public learn how to behave as a human instead or a


Do you believe in retribution after life?

Why do kids and teens treat animals with cruelty?

What is your opinion?

Do share with me your thoughts. I would love to learn from yours.

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Trial Test: Keeping Stray Cats Away From My Garden

Do you know that there are 7 stray cats in the neighborhood of

 the same  row?


My neighbor’s maid told me that she had counted 7 of stray cats had

been  wondering around her owner’s home daily.

Those pesky cats had been stealing fresh chicken and fish from the

kitchen when she was away for a short while.

Which means, no wonder I could find 4 cat poops daily in my garden!




By the way, my old cat OUT had been transferred to my mother in law’s

house  after the accident.

It has been 1 year since OUT left us. Hence, OUT’s cat makings should have  disappeared by now.




Now, I am really extremely fed up with these stray cats pooping in my

carpet  grass.

I cannot water the grass with the poop on top.

The worst scenario is , some cat poops are solid while a couple of

them are  diarrhea .

How in the world can I clean up the diarrhea????

It was a disgusting and nausea task to get rid of the cat poop daily

while nobody  is willing to perform this job.

I can’t leave the poop to dissolve on its own through nature because it

is toxic  to the grass.

The carpet grass will wither, turn brownish and die in the end.

A few portion of the carpet grass had died , leaving a few ugly brown

patches  here and there.

Hence, I searched the web to find out how to get rid of cat poop in my





I tried these tips which had failed:

  1. Put a several pots of cactus around the grass. Cat hates the smell of cactus.  verdict: False, cat doesn’t care about the cactus plant.
  2. Sprinkle or splash water at the stray cats when they linger around  your garden. Verdict: False, although cats are afraid of water but they  have strong persistent  will to come back to poop when I am nowhere in sight.
  3. Install a sprinkler or sound detector to scare of the cats.  Verdict: I had checked out the price. It is way too expensive  

to purchase  them online. None of these gadgets are sold here.

4.   Sprinkle coffee powder over the grass.  Verdict: Too expensive. furthermore, we drink 3-in-1 coffee, there is no coffee powder.



Finally, I found a solution that had temporary get keep off the stray

cats  off my carpet grass garden.

I found this tip online in the pet forum which majority gave review

that  it works well with dogs and cats.

Hence, I decided to give a shot.

I bought a packet of chilli powder- 300gram ( known as cayenne

powder is USA) for 90cents (USD 30 cents ).

You can buy this chilli powder at any grocery shop or supermarket

under  the spices department.



There are 2 methods to use this powder:

  • Sprinkle chilli powder over the grass and along the edges of the 


  • Put 1 tsp of chilli powder into a spray bottle, fill up to the brim 

with water and shake it. Spray the chilli powder over the grass or


I had used the 2nd option. Save cost and I could use up the whole

packet in 2-3 weeks.

1st option is costly. Sprinkling the chilli powder would use up the

whole  packet in a day.

Hence, I would have to buy 7 packets per week, costly, isn’t it?

I understand that some of the forum readers claimed that sprinkling

chilli  powder is an evil act because when the stray cat steps onto the

powder,  its paw had the chilli powder stain.

When it uses its paw to scratch its eyes or nose, it will be very painful

and spicy.

However, if you are not cruel enough, these stray cats will keep

pooping  everyday and you have to pick them up everyday!!!!

Anyway, I had been spraying the chilli powder daily after I had water

the carpet grass.

Up to today, those 7 stray cats are still in good condition, still meowing

and  fighting over fish bones as usual.

In addition the chilli powder spray ( with water) seemed to work for

1 day only.

It did kept the stray cats away from my garden but not the next day

because  it has wear off.

Hence, I had to keep spraying daily.


Questions: Have you tried chilli powder method to keep the 

stray cats  away from your garden? Do you have any other 

CHEAP suggestion?


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photos by peachpurple and pixabay and wikipedia

Weird Wrinkle Egg



Have you ever bought a tray of eggs and shockingly found a few weird looking wrinkled eggs?


Took a photo of this weird wrinkled egg today-peaachpurple



Most people would misjudged the eggs , thought that these eggs were rotten or not edible.

On contrary, weird wrinkled eggs as the photo shown are due to few reasons that are related to the mother hens raised in the farm.

Reason No.1

an egg with 2 yolks released, were close to each other. The first egg is laid on top of the second egg. Hence, pushing the second delicate shell into a wrinkled surface.



Reason No 2.110220145985

The hen’s health and well being is being affected due to stress. Farmers are forcing hens to lay eggs with poorly handled chicken coop. Farmers need to clean the chicken coop daily. Without a happy and comfy chicken coop, the hens become stressful, resulting to laying weird looking egg shells.  Cramp environment is on of the reasons too. This would be impossible for a farm with hundreds of hens.



Reasons No3

Insufficient chicken feeds, lack of food to eat, shortage of clean water to drink. Most hens breeding in the farm are not handled properly due to stingy owners. They feed low quality chicken feeds, too little food for a huge amount of hens in the farm.



Reasons No.4

Sick hens also lay weird and wrinkled eggs too. Bird flu disease or sneezing chickens have to be treated or quarantine from the healthy hens.

Good looking eggs by peachpurple
Good looking eggs by peachpurple


If you want to know whether these weird wrinkled eggs are consumable or not, crack the egg and take a look at the egg.

If the whites and egg yolk are in normal form, no black or brown spots in them, the egg is alright.

I had encountered several weird looking wrinkled eggs in a tray of 30 eggs.

Either quickly swap them with better looking egg shells without anyone noticing or just fry a bull eye egg for your breakfast.

At the moment, I haven’t had any diarrhea or runs yet.

Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking weird either!

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Crows Stealing Clothes Hangers


Everyday, I could see 4 to 5 black crows perching on the clothes line.

They are waiting for me to move away so that they could steal my clothes hangers again.

These black pests had been down scavenging my garbage bins for food.

Now, they are now lurking at my clothes hangers for making their nest.

There had been several times a week, I could noticed the clothes hangers being scattered on the floor when I was going to hang the wet laundry.

clothes hanger by peachpurple

The black crows had been stealing clothes hangers in order to make their nests since there are hardly any big trees with branches available in our residence area.

Hence, these pesky crows steal clothes hangers from my laundry line and my neighbors so that they would built up their nests elsewhere.

Sometimes, I could see 2 or 3 clothes hangers hanging on the telephone lines Sometimes these hangers were found the roadside which are colorful ones, looked brand new.

My neighbors had been complaining of their missing clothes hangers which I am having the same problem here too.

Therefore, I would use a big clothes peg to bundle the clothes hangers after use.

Alternatively,  cut  mineral water bottle into halves and place bottom bottle over them so that the crows could not move them.

Amazingly, crows are huge birds, bigger than the sparrows, almost the same size as the pigeons.

Black crows  are good and clever at picking up the hangers on the clothes line.

A crow would scatter the hangers  on the floor before deciding to choose the one particular hanger it wanted.

Frankly speaking, I had never seen a crow’s nest made of hangers yet but I would surely make a boomerang and throw at them one day!


Do you have problems with missing clothes hangers lately?

Do you have problems with crows?

Old folks cautioned that we should not chase black crows because it will bring bad luck to the family such as death, misfortunes or disturbed harmony in the family.


How do you deal with black crows in your neighborhood?

copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photos by pixabay and peachpurple


OUT Invited Stray Cats for FREE Meal

OUT eating cat biscuits by peachpurple

I love my old bags of bones cat, OUT.

She is an old cat, maybe 10 year old ( 56 human years ).

I love my cat but I hate it when she invited stray cats for FREE Meals.

Initially, OUT doesn’t leave behind her cat biscuits.

She isn’t the type of cat who waste her food.

OUT usually finishes her cat biscuits because she is always hungry.

her favorite biscuits by peachpurple

I feed her 3x a day with Whiskers Seafood Platter cat biscuits and that isn’t cheap either.

However this year, she started to leave behind several cat biscuits in her bowl. She deliberately did not finish them up.

This had “INVITED” other stray cat over  for FREE meals.

Now, she had 2 white furry male cats coming for 2 free meals everyday.

I was wondering whether she is catching up her age, so maybe that is the reason she couldn’t finish up her cat biscuits.

Hence, I cut down her meals to 2 feeds per day,  half amount of the usual feeding.

I thought that she might be  hungry and finish up everything.

Nope, this plan did not work.

one of the male stray cat by peachpurple

OUT deliberately leaves behind some cat biscuits for those stray cats.

I love MY cat but not her stray cat friends.

Therefore, I had to “GUARD” her when she had her meals.


I held a cane in my hand, sat beside her while she chew away her cat biscuits.

When the stray cats came uninvited, I swish swosh the cane like a mad dog!

Anyway, that doesn’t scare them off yet.

Those pesky stray cats were lingering around the corner of the garden, awaiting for their golden chance to grab those cat biscuits whenever they had the chance.

I had tried splashing water on them. Didn’t work either.



Any ideas how to get rid of those pesky stray cats?

Do share with me your opinion. I would love to hear from you.


Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photo by peachpurple


Why my cat rolls on her back?


Do you have a cat at home?

Do you ever wonder why your cat always roll over her back?

There are a few reasons for your cat rolling onto her back and shows your her tummy, expecting you to do something with her.


yum yum, don’t bother me, ok?-peachpurple

Reason 1- Feeling Relax

Yeah, she is in a relax mood, feeling happy and content after a satisfying meal or maybe after an afternoon nap.

So, you could give her a good rub on her tummy or pet her head which she would love most. Take note that he would be pushing up his head against your hand to show her acceptance.


caress me ok? I need that. Make it quick. by peachpurple

Reason 2- I trust you

Yup, that is what my neighbor’s cat had been doing lately. At first, he was afraid of me. Then, I approached to him slowly, talking to him in a pampered manner,” Meow, what are you looking for? Meow, come here, meow“. Surprising, he slump down on my feet, rolled onto his back right and left , showing his belly. He knew that I won’t harm him. So he expected me to do some petting. I caressed his belly, petted his head. He likes it. He is feeling comfortable right now. I am gaining his trust.


hey, why are you stopping? Keep rubbing my belly, will ya? by peachpurple

Reason 3- Good morning

Sometimes in the morning,  my OUT would roll over her back onto my sandals or on top of my feet , the first thing she sees me in the morning. I thought only the kittens would show their pampered body language but old cats do have this same behavior too.

Besides that, she also did the same action in the evening when I was waiting for my son to come back from school. While I was waiting for the school bus to arrive, OUT would wait with me, roll over her back several times. I thought that it was painful for her to slump her back onto my feet but she was having a grand time doing that.

She wasn’t asking for food. All she wanted was a greeting to say “HI” and “Are you lonely?”

Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

All photos are my cat, OUT, peachpurple

Mom bought 2 pet Rabbits that we don’t need

When I was a teenager, my mom had bought 2 rabbits , a dark grey and white from the pet shop.

grey rabbit that looks exactly the same as ours by pixabay

I really have no idea why did she bought them because my bro and I didn’t want a pet rabbit in the first place.

Keeping rabbits required lots of care, specific dietary and vet needs too.

I guessed my mom was lonely at home since my dad has to work, my bro and I were school age students in local school.


Keep away from dog fights  by pixabay
Young dogs by pixabay

Altough we had 2 stray dogs, Sylvester and Seksyen, which are actually growing dogs, mom wasn’t satisfied with having these pets.

Keeping dogs wasn’t easy because you need to take them for evening walks, clean up their poo and urine plus chewing up our sandals were driving us crazy.

My mom had no idea how to keep pet rabbits either. No rabbit hutch, no rabbit food either.

Anyway, my mom used her “logical way ” to feed the rabbits. Green vegetables and carrots!

Kangkung or water convolvulus by peachpurple
Kangkung or water convolvulus by peachpurple

All she did was lay a few old newspapers on the floor, scatter green vegetables bought from the wet market and raw carrots, cut into halves for these rabbits to eat.

Honestly,, we do not know their names either because we weren’t interested with keeping rabbits.

After eating their full, these rabbits would hop to the corner of the furniture peed and pooped everywhere around the house.

My mom expected us to help her to clean up the mess and we weren’t happy with having them around.

We were teenagers, busy with out daily school routines and stayed back after school for extra classes. Our hands were fulled with homework and exams, we were tired.

Taking care of rabbits in addition to the stray dogs were “adding salt to the wound” for us.

white rabbit by pixabay

Anyway, those pet rabbits didn’t lived long.

I remembered one day mom called our school , requested for our return immediately.

My teacher told me to go back because mom sounded very dead serious something had happened at home.

My brother was called back home too. Both of us were puzzled, not knowing the actual reasons.

When we reached home ( took a public bus home), mom was sleeping on the bed.

First we saw was blood on the floor where the rabbits had their meals.

Mom said one rabbit was killed by Sylvester. He ate up the rabbit, leaving the head. The whole body was gone.

The other rabbit was hiding somewhere, we had to hunt for it.

We had to wash away the blood, clean up the mess.

That was the final draw. Both of us told mom that we couldn’t take care of the rabbit anymore. Furthermore, she wasn’t keen in taking care of it.

Hence, we sent the lonely rabbit back to the pet shop for FREE.

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

photo by pixabay


Sometimes, Pets and Kids Are The SAME


In this article, I will be writing my own thoughts about kids and pets.

This is my personal point of view.

Cats ( or maybe dogs ) and kids are the same , sometimes, in terms of behavior  and habits.

Don’t agree? Check these out!

1.They are both PICKY EATERS 

2.They are both ANNOYING at peak or busy times 

3.They are both NOISY 

4.They are both MAGICIANS- quickly disappears when they had 

done a  damage  or mistake

Elaborate them?

Mmmmm… this fish is better than the raw fish… by peachpurple

Picky Eaters

My kids love to eat fast food, fried fritters, biscuits and cakes.

They are anti-vegetables and fruits.

My cat love to eat fried fish, fish bones and cat biscuits.

She is anti steam-fish and raw fish.

She loves warm milk but wouldn’t lick tap water mixed with milk.



When I am busy keeping dry laundry or cooking in the kitchen,

my cat would be walking around my legs, caressing and blocking my way.

Sometimes I accidentally step on her toes or tails which makes her


My kids also followed me around when I am busy, asking me not

important  questions or bugging me with “Can I have some cookies now?”


How dare you ignore my meows?! by peachpurple


Yes, both are very noisy when I am busy with my household chores.

My cat would “Meow” for her feeds which is not time yet.

She is a greedy old cat.

She has a strong vocal cords, could meow for an hour non-stop and run from the front main door to the kitchen back door,

hoping that  I would give her something to eat

. Same goes with my kids, creating noisy shouting, yelling, screaming at each  other or whining to me who is “bullying” who.

Can’t take any sides.

Both have their non-logical reasons.

“Nope I didn’t do it”, OUT seems to say that. By peachpurple


Both are great MAGICIANS!

My cat would scamper away from the “crime site” when I enter the

wet kitchen to find the dustbin toppled over with waste and rubbish strewn

over the floor.

She knows very well that I disallowed her to mess with dustbin and I would  smack her buttocks if she did this mistake.

My kids would scamper to their bedrooms when they noticed my


That means, they had “done something” to my stuff such as my laptop or  household things.

( Its either broken, torn , messy, strewn , spilled or faulty)


Does your pet and kids behave the same?

Or maybe your pet behaves better than your kids or vice versa?

Do share with me your thoughts. I would love to learn from yours.

copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photos and drawings by peachpurple


Man feeds stray cat at hawker stall

roti canai by peachpurple

This is a heart warming scenario which you should see.

My hubby and I had our breakfast at a nearby hawker stall at 7am in the morning.

We were having roti canai and tea milk while I noticed a black female cat with shiny coat fur roaming around for food.

A short while later, a middle age moustache man stopped his motorbike in front of the hawker stall.

Female cat and kitten by peachpurple


At once, the black stray cat leaped onto the motorbike seat, meowing loudly for affection.

The man stood beside his motorbike, stroking affectionately the cat’s fur for a few minutes.

The stray cat didn’t stop meowing until the man carried her in his arms.

He lift up the seat, took out a container of half filled cat biscuits.


cat biscuits by peachpurple


Opened up, took a handful of cat biscuits and place them at the corner of the steps.

Then, the female cat quickly leaped down from his arms, rushed to eat the prized given food.

The man put back the container under the seat and sat down to order his breakfast set.

After the stray cat had finished eating the cat biscuits, she jumped onto the mans lap, purring.

The whole scenario is alike the pet is looking forward to her owners arrival, loving him for taking care of her.

After the man had finished his breakfast, paid the cashier, he walked towards to his motorbike.

Now, the stray cat was much faster than him. She had leaped onto the seat, waiting for him earnestly.

The man carried her in one arm, life up the seat and repeat the same procedure again.




He stroked her black silky fur again while she meow.Carried her in one arm and fed her again at the corner if the steps with more biscuits.

However this time, he quickly leaped onto his bike, wore the helmet and rode off without saying goodbye to his favorite feline.

She was looking left and right for him but she knew that he had to go.

The stray female cat was pregnant but she was well fed by the man even though he couldn’t bring her home.

There were a few more stray cats roaming around the hawker stall but they had to fend fir themselves looking fir bits of bones, left over food on the table or at the feet of customers.

Only this particular black female stray cat is having a good life.

Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

Photos by peachpurple





A Cat Helps Another Cat

skinny white stray cat by peachpurple

See this picture of a white cat?

This white stray cat came to out car porch, laid down because it was too weak to hunt for food.

Although we have our own old cat, OUT, we are not ready to care another cat in our household yet.

If I am not wrong, this white stray cat has not been fed for at least 1-2 weeks because I had seen it roaming about the neighborhood 2 weeks ago.

It was roaming aimless, looking for food in the garbage bin, side of the road and the backyard where the Indonesian maids would sometimes feed these stray cats with left over food.





OUT still having her meal by peachpurple

Lately, my cat OUT had started to bring the white stray cat to our backyard whenever it is dinner time .

Usually, she comes to the wet kitchen to meow for her dinner at 5pm but I was not pleased when she brought this skinny bones for FREE meal.

I did not feed the stray cat because my hubby warned me not to give any food to it. Once you started to feed a stray cat , it will keep coming back for more.

In the end, it will stick to us and it would be very difficult to get rid of it.

However, I was amazed what my cat did.

Cat Helped Another Cat.

Yes, she did that.

The stray cat sat at a corner at waited patiently.

After my old  cat ate her dinner, she purposely left 1/3 of her food in the bowl and left the scene. She was licking her paws and cleaning herself as usual.

Then, the white stray cat went over to finished up the remainder food in the bowl.

This went on for weeks.

She repeated the same actions daily without fail. She kept feeding her stray companion like a true friend indeed.

Well, I can’t stop feeding my old cat because she is very old and slow at movements.

I just can’t believe it! 

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Well, my old cat OUT did it !

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

original drawn by peachpurple ( DO NOT use my drawing elsewhere!)

photo taken by peachpurple



Blind Dog Stuffed Into Plastic Bag

Pets cruelty should be stopped.

If you turn a blind eye over a pet owner treating cruel acts against his pet, you should report him to the Animal Shelter or American Society for Cruelty Prevention at once.

This way, you could save a domestic animal’s life from being tortured, suffering from the hands of evil human being and performing a good deed.

A blind dog by pixabay
A blind dog by pixabay

Shocking News

This year in month of June, I had read a piece of news online that a partially blind dog was stuffed into a plastic bag and thrown by the side of the road.

This is an evil deed of the rightful owner. The poor dog was weak, unable to walk and it was filthy.

Obviously, the heartless owner had planned to let the blind dog die a painful slow death if nobody would had found it at all.

Plastic bag by pixabay
Plastic bag by pixabay

The worst part was, it was too weak to even whine. From the picture shown online, it was panting heavily, either dehydrated, hungry and may had suffered from heat stroke under the hot sun while being dumped into a plastic bag.

It was fortunate that a kind passer by found the blind dog, removed the plastic bag and took it home, gave it a bath.

Then, she informed the Animal shelter to take further action.

Question is:

If the dog was blind due to age problems and the owner did not wanted to spend money to cure its’ blindness, why did he/she had to do such evil, inhumane act against it?

The owner could send it to the SPCA , seek consultant from the professional people.

Money has to be spend whether to put the dog to sleep or put it under the care of the specialist.

It is unkind, heartless and cruel for the owner to starve the dog, neglect and shirk the responsibility of the sick dog.

Domestic pets are cute and cuddly when they are first brought home. All living things do age or taken ill due to certain reasons.

Discarding a useless or sickly pet for the sake to save money and pride, God knows and had seen everything the evil owner had done.

If you plan to keep a pet, you are responsible for its care and health to its’ last breathe, naturally.

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

photos by pixabay ( dog and plastic bag are not the original pic )



Cat Cleaning Itself or Takes a Bath

Do you have a pet cat?

Do you give your cat a bath or cleans itself?

Cat takes bath by licking itself from head to toe with its’ own sweet time, never in a rush, usually after a meal or in between her cat walks.

This  was an awesome, gross and an eye opener for me. Even my son would toss me tons of questions while he watches.

OUT licking its' You Know what by peachpurple
OUT licking its’ You Know what by peachpurple

Cat Cleaning Itself

Most cats hate to take a bath, anything that associates with water because it is the natural behavior of a cat.  My cat, OUT,  hates rain, water sprinkle on her head and clean water.


OUT ( my cat name ) takes her own bath once a day or maybe more as I frequently noticed her licking her body during in the evening.

I love the way OUT bends her head right down to her You-Know-What with her hind legs over her head.

She is an acrobatic cat! I cannot even bend my fat flabby leg up to my chin!

Can you just imagine sticking out her tongue, licking her furry body, You-Know-What and her buttocks?

She enjoys licking starting from her body, legs, You Know What and biting in between her furs which I believe, she was itchy due to the cat fleas.

Next, she would lie down on the car porch, lick her paws and use it to wash her face. That was an elegant move!

It would take at least 30 minutes to watch how a cat clean itself from head to toe if you have the time to sit and relax.

OUT licking her paws by peachpurple

Cat Takes a Bath

However, my neighbor catches her cat, gave it a good bath with water , cat shampoo and finally use a hair dryer to blow dry the furs.

You can see the differences between a self-cleaned cat and a cat that takes a bath.

Tell me what differences had you spotted in the below comment box.

I would be happy to share with you mine.


IRIS Open-Top Litter Box with Shield and ScoopIRIS Open-Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat PlaypenMidWest Homes for Pets Cat Playpen

Ethical Pet Products (Spot) CSO6898 Fresco Cat Dish, 5-Inch, GreenEthical Pet Products (Spot) CSO6898 Fresco Cat Dish, 5-Inch, Green

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photo credit: my cat, (peachpurple)

Why do dogs howl?

How true is that old folks tale?

I have no issues with pet dogs.

During my childhood days, my mom used to keep stray dogs on the roadside as our pet dogs.

But as my mom grew older, we did not keep anymore dogs after the last one died.

I remembered that when I pet dogs ( 3 of them ) howled at night.

My mom said it was due to dogs had EYES that can see ghosts in the night.

Dogs are afraid of ghosts, as much as humans do.

Scary, isn’t it?

dog howls at night by pixabay
dog howls at night by pixabay

Why a dog howls at sirens or in the middle of the night?

  • During the day, dogs howl when they hear police car or fire truck sirens bellowing along the streets.
  • Dogs howl at  high pitch sound is hurting their ears.
  • Since, they had no fingers nor hands to cover up their ears, all they could do is howl at the top of their dog voice in order to over power the sirens.
  •  ALL DOGS howl at high pitch sounds, such as piano, hand speaker, police car, ambulance, fire trucks sirens and even recycle van which always passes by our residential area, row after rows blaring their arrival with the loud speaker.


Dogs Howl to Communicate

  • Oh yes, do you know that my neighbor pet dogs also howls when his master is taking a bath? Yeah, his master sings in the bathroom, so does his dogs, a sing along karaoke.
  • Dogs use howling in order to communicate with each other. They howl to call each other, inform each other what is happening , where they are.
  • Since humans use technology, dogs use vocal cords without loud speakers.
poodle injured by pixabay
poodle injured by pixabay

More reasons to dog howls

  • Another reason for a dog howling is when it is caused by anxiety or stress. Separation from its’ owner, makes a dog feel alone especially when nobody is at home. Some dogs could not stand loneliness. It may need a human’s existence, touch, care 24 hours a day for companionship.
  • Dogs also howl when they are sick or in pain. They can’t speak human language. So, dog use howling to show its pain until the vet treats it.


Give your pet dog lots of love and care. Do not cane or scold your dog when it is howling. Rule out the problem, don’t punish it.
copyright, all rights reserved peachpurple
photo credits: pixabay


Learning Ropes from your Pets

OUT looking at something by peachpurple
OUT looking at something by peachpurple

Do you have any pets at home?

What can you learn from you pets?

Do you realized that you can learn lots of ropes from your pets about reality?

Pets are our life companion, some pet owners think that pets are their best friend, that human cannot replace our little darlings in our hearts.

We love our pets as much as our own kids. We treat them as our family members and these domestic animals treated us the same.

Some people dress up their pets, allow them to dine together on the dining table and even sleep with them on the same bed.

So, did you learn anything from your pets?

I had learnt something from my old cat; OUT for sure:

  1. Do not show grudges as humans: Pets have feelings as humans do. People do hold grudges, shows their petty behavior over small or large argument and may take days or weeks to resolve the argument issues. However, my cat taught me that problems can be solved over a bowl of cat biscuits. Yes, sometimes I do get angry with her for sleeping on my clean laundry when she secretly walked into our home without my knowledge. Of course I do slap her back for leaving printed paws and lots of furs on my laundry because I had to brush off them off and wash the whole laundry again. She knows that she did the wrong thing and did not show grudges that I had hit her. OUT taught me that problems can be bought over with a bowl of cat biscuits. She does not show her anger for hitting her or glare at me with bad thoughts. She always caress my legs after a happy meal.
  2. Laughter: Remember any of your pets embarrassing moments? Sometimes, I do not want to laugh at OUT for her embarrassing fall from her sleeping box or trying to caress my leg but fell into the drain; her cute acts really make me laugh to ease my moody days.  OUT helps me to feel better after a bad day, sometimes when she sleeps on my lap, it feels warm and comfy to know someone is there to stay beside through thick and thin. Do you have any funny moments to share?
  3. Waiting: My OUT always knows when I am back from work which I do not know how did she look at the time. I mean, how did she know that I came back from work or from shopping and greet me at the door step with a longing meow? I love the way she awaits us, the whole family at the front gate or door step with a sleepy Garfield facial expression. You will feel the warmth that someone is always waiting for you to come home and greet you.
  4. Compassion: Do you ever notice that your pet is living a good and easy life? Our furry or scaly pets live one day after another without thinking much ahead. Take life easy, do not bear hatred, love your pet owner with no obligation. When I feel sad over an argument or tired after a hard day work with household chores, OUT will be there at the doorstep, looking at my face expression, slowly take a few steps, sit beside me and slowly lay down on my feet and lick my toes. She does not know how to speak human language but she does know how to comfort someone without verbal communication but with warmth affection.

What do you learn from your pets?

Do share with me your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.


originally written from peachpurple

photo credits: peachpurple

Do You Treat Your Pet As A Family Member Or A Show Off Pet?

Quit smoking if you love your cat by peachpurple
her name is OUT, 15 year old cat by peachpurple

My old Cat

We owned a stray female cat at home.

Her name is OUT.

We had kept her after her mommy cat ( which is also a stray cat ) left her at our house and never came back.

We do not know what happened to the mommy cat but this little kitty became our house pet ever since.

We never intended to call her OUT but my son is allergic to cats fur and dust, so OUT has to stay outside of the house all the time.

That is why we named her OUT.

Whenever she is in the house, we commanded her OUT and she obediently goes out.



OUT loves to nap by peachpurple
Cat food
Favorite chicken -cat food by peachpurple

OUT Is Our Family Member

OUT had been spayed when she was almost an adult cat age.

We did not want her to keep getting pregnant by those rascal male cats and her ending up as a fragile mother with a litter of kittens.

She had once given birth to 5 kittens but 2 of them died at birth and the other 3, we gave them away to our neighbors and friends, after the kittens were strong enough to move about.

We treated OUT as part of our family members. 

Although OUT has to stay outside , she is extremely important to us.

OUT does not eat fish bones that often because she would get choked once a while and started to gack, wheeze, scared us out of our breath!

We would not want a dead cat after a choke fish bones. 

She is very dear to us.

A Clever Cat

So, we buy a packet of cat food, feed her 3 times a day and she never ask for more.

She knows her feeding routine.

If we missed one of her daily feeding routine, she will meow for the missing one. 

Believe me, if we ignore her meows, she would follow us around the house until she gets it!

We could never trick her cat memory!

She is just too clever.

Oh yes, OUT also catches cockroaches and rats outside our house.

Hence, we could hardly see any of these pests around inside or outside our house.

She is our pests buster!

Not A Show Off Pet

Since OUT is not a well-breed cat, adopted cat nor store bought cat, OUT is not consider as a luxury pet.

I do notice some of my friends, neighbors bought a cat or cute puppy as a SHOW OFF item to their friends of their pricey pets. 

These luxury pets required constant jabs, medication to keep them alive because they are not those stray tame animals that eat on any food that pet owners give. 

Some pet owners even go to the extent to buy pet clothes, accessories to give their pets a warm feeling of being art of the human world.

Sorry, I do not belong to that category. I am broke too.

Although I do not buy any of these stuff for OUT, she still gets a rug for rainy days, a cup of milk for hot summer days and a good rub on her belly EVERYDAY without fail in the evenings.

What about you?

Do you consider your pet your family member or a SHOW OFF pet or a pet with a responsibility ?


originally written and copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

photo credits: peachpurple