It really has been a long time since I have last blogged here. Of course, I was a bit sad to find out that BlogJob was no longer able to pay out its members, but that should not keep me from writer here. From what I can see, you still have a great community of writers here. That probably means that those that made the effort to stick around here, are the real writers.

I guess that is the reason why I decided to return here. Logging into my account, it was nice to see that most of my followers are still around. That is good to see. It makes me feel appreciated!

At the other hand, I also appreciate the writers blogging here, because they provide me with their view on the world and they do not cease to surprise me with awesome content from all over the world. English is a great lingua franca. I the mean time, I haven’t stopped writing either. Instead of blogging in English, I returned to my mother tongue, which is Dutch!

I know that there are some other writers with a Dutch background over here, so I would like to know whether you write in Dutch too. Please, tell me, because I would like to read your writing in your native tongue as well!

Currently I am blogging in Dutch at 🙂

Please take a look at my Dutch blogs!

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