What are common neck injuries in an Accident?

The term neck injury usually refers to the damage to the structure of the neck, which is tendons, bones, ligaments, and joints. Any injury to the ligaments and joints can damage the whole structure and will cause intense pain. Due to the injury, you may experience short-time temporary disablement.

If you get these neck injuries due to someone else fault and negligence, you can claim compensation against the liable party. It’s the legal right of the victim to claim compensation against the responsible party. As you know, you are suffering from these injuries can ruin your life, and your life may become hell. So, claiming compensation is necessary to overcome your loss.

Neck Injuries

According to the external force exerted on the neck or type of impact, you may suffer from various types of neck injuries. These neck injuries may range from minor to moderate, or in severe cases, it can also be critical.

Minor neck injury

These neck injuries may occur due to the damage to muscles and soft tissues. These injuries require rest, and in most cases, full recovery is possible. Minor neck injuries can be painful and may heal on its own.

Moderate Neck injury

Moderate neck injuries can occur due to the damage to tendons and ligaments. These neck injuries reduce the motion and mobility of the neck. The recovery period of these injuries may range from 2 to 3 years. These injuries are more painful than minor neck injuries.

Severe Neck injury

Severe neck injuries are not common as compared to moderate neck injuries. These injuries can result in short-term to permanent paralysis. In most of the cases, the recovery is not possible.

Common Neck Injuries 


The human head is one of the heavy parts of the body. It contains 4 to 5 kg weight. When you move your head suddenly, the human neck bears all the weight on the neck. This can cause minor to moderate injury to the neck.

However, if the impact is brutal, this injury may become severe. After, the accident, the symptoms may occur after the six to 12 hours. These symptoms may include:

  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness
  • Reduced movement
  • Headache

Neck Strain

Neck injuries may occur due to the heavy lifting objects, falling objects, and slip or trip from a height. These neck injuries range from minor to severe. Furthermore, in neck strain, the victim may suffer from tissue damage, muscle pull, ligaments, and tendon damage. Furthermore, sharp objects falling from height can also make you permanent disable.

Broken Neck

The neck is connected with the spinal cord. A broken neck can cause a threat to life. In most of the cases, the neck injuries are not recoverable.

What to do after the accident?

After the occurrence of the accident, if you feel pain or not, you should seek medical attention immediately. However, sometime, symptoms may occur hours’ after the accident or injury. The doctor will completely examine your body to diagnose the injury accurately. He may also recommend your image or screen testing such as X-rays, MRI scans, and CT scans. This will help the doctor to find the damaged area.

Solicitor’s Advice

After getting treatment from a certified doctor, you should seek the help of the solicitor. You should always consult with an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor. As you know, you are going to claim against the individuals, company, or organization. Therefore, hey will retaliate to prove your negligence and mistake. Personal injury solicitor Bolton can help you to tackle the insurance companies.

Furthermore, personal injury solicitor can help you to gather evidence of the occurrence of the accident. Along with he can arrange meetings with an eyewitness to record their statement as a piece of evidence. He can also help you to estimate your loss. You can add travel expenses, medical expenditures, care costs, joblessness, social, and financial damage. Furthermore, you will get every penny back, in the form of the compensation amount.