What are the elbow injuries? Common causes of Elbow injuries

Elbow is a joint which connects the lower and upper arm. Elbow plays a vital role in the movement and rotation of the hand. It also helps us to pick or throw the objects. Human elbow has a complex structure. It consists of tendons ligaments, joints, and bones. Injury to one of these components can reduce the motion of our hand and arm. Elbow injuries may occur in accidents. If you get elbow injury in an accident which was not your fault or was due to someone else fault and negligence, you can claim compensation.

Common Elbow injuries

There are various types of elbow injuries can occur in different accidents. Some of them include:

Repetitive strain

A repetitive strain injury is common where you repeat the same motion of joint again and again. The repetition for a prolonged period can cause strain injury. This condition can cause inflammation and swell to the elbow joint. This injury can cause difficulty in movement and can also lead to extreme pain.


Fracture to the elbow isn’t uncommon. A Cruel blow to the elbow can fracture the elbow. The type of fractures may vary, depending on the kind of force area of impact. The recovery period of elbow fracture may also vary depending on the severity of the injury.


Bursitis is a severe and painful condition. This is all about the swelling and the inflammation of the bursa, which is a fluid inside the joints and act as a cushion between the bones and tendons.


Dislocation of the elbow is more common than other injuries. It can even occur due to the slip or trip. This condition usually occurs when a bone of forearm moves out of the elbow joint. This condition is severe and painful and can also cause swelling to the whole arm, especially the elbow joint.

Tennis elbow

As shown by name, tennis elbow is a repetitive injury to the elbow due to the stress of tendons and ligaments. The overusing and repetitive motion of the arm can cause inflammation in tendons, which is a painful experience. If you suffer from tennis elbow due to the type of work you do in your workplace, you can claim compensation.

Causes of Elbow injury

Elbow injury can occur due to various activities and sudden accident. The primary cause of elbow injury is trauma, impact, falls, and stress.

Road accident

A road accident can cause severe injuries. In which elbow injury’s risk is too high. In a road accident, especially if you are riding a motorbike, you can experience dislocation, sprain, strain, and bone fracture.

Slip and trip

Slip and trip is a common accident in public places, workplaces and even in shopping centers. When you fall due to trip or slip, your elbow makes a direct impact with the ground surface. This impact put all your weight on your elbow in a lock position and can cause dislocation.


Elbow injuries are quite common in the workplace. As you know, when you do the repetitive tasks, you use your same joints. If you do this for a prolonged period, it can cause damage to the joints such as elbow tennis.

After the injury, you need to get medical attention immediately. As you know, if you delay the first aid or treatment, you might worsen your case. If delay in treatment happens due to your negligence, you may ruin your claim. The general physician after the checkup can refer your case to the orthopedic surgeon or relevant department. Furthermore, they will prepare a brief report on your damage and recovery process.

Seek the solicitor’s advice

After the treatment, you should find a solicitor to seek legal advice. You should only consult with an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor. He can help you in various ways.
Personal injury solicitor can help you to estimate the damage and expenses you face due to the accident or injury.

You will also need proofs and evidence of the occurrence of injury to make your case secure. Personal injury solicitor Bury can gather the evidence from eh accident spot. He can also contact the eyewitness and record their statement for a court hearing.