Thigh Injury Types and Compensation Claim Process

Upper thigh pain can be difficult to diagnose. Because a human thigh has a complex structure made up of soft tissues, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Miner thigh injuries can be treated in a home while severe injuries need complete treatment and sometimes surgery for a proper treatment.

If you face a hamstring or thigh injury due to someone else’s fault you can claim compensation to recover yourself from the financial crisis.

Types of thigh injuries

A thigh injury involves damage to the femur bone or the soft tissues that surround it, i.e. ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Common thigh injuries are

Thigh Strain

Symptoms of a strain include:
• Swelling around the painful area
• Pain that radiates
• Sudden pain following a fall, intense work or overstretched joint
• Difficulty in moving or stretching thigh

Hamstring Damage

Slip, trip and fall or sporting accidents are the main cause of hamstring injury. As you know the tendons play an important role in your ability to move and to move your leg. So damage to the tendons is very painful and cause difficulty to move and to do daily tasks. The recovery time depends on the severity of the injury directly. For example, a string takes a couple of weeks to heal while a tear in the hamstring needs months.

Femur Damage

The femur is the large bone that runs through the thigh, damage to the femur is usually the result of trauma. It can happen due to the road accident. A fractured femur can take months to heal properly and may put in a plaster cast. Although, It’s a tough and long process to heal and can interrupt your everyday tasks.

Radiating pain

Injuries in other part or area of the body can cause pain to spread to the upper thighs.


The time to claim compensation is limited. Actually, three years after the accident or after the accident effects on your body. This time frame can be changed if the victim is fewer than eighteen.

What to do after the Accident?

Unfortunately, you are involved in an accident, first, you need an instant treatment then think about whose fault was this. If the injury is not that severe you can gather proof or take the contact number of a witness of this accident. If you were at work, your trusted workmate can do this for you.
Now record this accident in the police file, if you don’t register police case then maybe you can lose your compensation claim.

Solicitor’s Advice

After the complete body check-up, you can consult a solicitor, he will help you to lower the complexity of the case. Never give a statement to the other party’s attorney. As you know, they will always try to proof your fault in an accident and even a minor statement can ruin your compensation but sometimes can also prove you guilty.
Always hire expert Personal Injury Solicitors Preston who has a professional career; they prepare you for every hearing and give the advice to handle the insurance company.

The solicitor consults with medical staff to completely know the situation of your injury because the injury compensation amount depends on the severity of the injury and damage to your body and to your financial life.