Two Cars Drop From Bridge: A Truck Accident

On November 30, accident in Kansas in which two cars made slips from the big truck that was carrying them and drop from the bridge.

The accident occurred on Wednesday during hours of daylight at about 4 p.m. There was a small truck that was linked to a big truck that had three loaded cars. Something failed and two cars made free from the truck and then drop from the bridge.

The 43-year-old truck driver, who was driving to Kansas when the accident happened, ended up causing the cars to drop from the bridge. He was moving something in windows in his own way, headed eastward on I-70 as soon as he looked in his back mirror. It was the time when he found the two vehicles with not any inside, dropping in a row from the bridge. “I was at the right side under the two cars, thus the duration was just perfect,” he stated about how he failed to experience the situation. His rig did free a mirror on his own side that got attached by one of the dropping cars. His quick physiological reaction, together with perfect timing, may have been what protected him. He was able to rapidly change direction to the right side and after that get wise, without losing the balance of his heavy truck that was running at 72 mph on the main road. He stated the sight was amazing like a movie and the time was just as resembling a dream.

Let us be thankful that there was not any injury found as the consequence of this misfortune.

It looks that the small truck moving toward the south and pulling a heavy truck with the three cars on it lost balance while running on the wide loop more than I-70. He had only passed the Westgate Bridge when he lost balance and come into sudden contact with the concrete on his right side. For around 60 or 70 feet the truck drag down to the barrier, and finally, the truck leant onto the rail. One car remained on the truck but the others dropped on the rail.

The two cars that fallen did not fall on traffic. They fell in a grassy trough to the southward of I-70, while one of the cars collided with each other when it fell.


It was not instantly understandable to emergency staff what had occurred but they soon found that the cars had not anybody inside. There were many officials to inspect – such as whether speed or drug or alcohol caused the accident.

Many things are based on training and experience of truck driver. Rather than staring straight on the road he had been looking from every of his back mirrors. It is standard practice for all truck drivers. But when he had not been checking it, he would not have noticed the dripping cars.

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