Intersection Accidents – The Responsibility Goes to Driver or Highway Agency?

The quite a few car accidents are the consequence of a driver driving careless or out of control. Yet in a few instances, some errors may have been made in designing the structure of a roadway or intersection. In these conditions, the only guiding principle may be to start legal proceedings against the government agency that is to blame for the highway.accident-intersection


Intersections are a most important place for an auto accident to take place. Cars are colliding with one another at the same time as trying to cross, or turn before than other car. One that all drivers do not get a clear vision of upcoming traffic is taken to be blemished and the issue should be treated by the public road agency. The most frequent highway accidents at intersections are occurred while traveling across. A crossing accident can happen even as trying to pass through an intersection or even as trying to change a track. When a drivers’ point of view is failed they will not be incapable to determine whether it is safe and sound to pass or not. Traffic control instruments may be installed in place to warn drivers, but when they are not qualified to meet the terms of a specific intersection they may establish harmful. For instance, where a stop signal may have been enough 10 years ago, more cars on the highway may show that a stop signal with a turn sign is now essential to protect drivers. Read More

In the way for a claimant to file a case for a dangerous roadway claim there have to be proof that it had been a known difficult location for accidents. It is generally done by reporting about other related accident at the same location through out a long period of time. It is the duty of public road inspection departments to locate such dangerous locations and subsequently come up with plan and implement it to get better the road condition. A Missouri woman was got a sharp blow and killed by hitting a car that did not stop on a stop sign at an intersection, full of vehicles. Her family took legal action against the Missouri highway and transportation department. They got rewarded of $250,000 by the judges who decided that a lack of clear vision and poor traffic control management at the intersection contributed to the accident. As a factor of the settlement they required that the intersection be advanced upon urgently with a blinking red light and glowing strips to promote drivers to stop.


There are quite a few defensive measures that can be brought in to use at an intersection to secure it for driving people. Mark turn lanes as different can be used for vehicles turning to left side. These have shown to decrease the number of accidents by more than 30%. Size of signal on traffic light can also be used bigger and programmed for more intervals. Vision quality for drivers can also be made better by discouraging parking nearby to a intersection, full of vehicles.




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