Can I Make a Falls from Height Compensation Claim?

If you have been injured after falling from height at work and the accident was not your fault then you could make a fall from height at workplace compensation claim. Falls from heights claims are governed by the Work at Height Regulations 2005, which sets out the guidelines and legislation employers must follow when it comes to the safety of their employees when working at height.

The term working at height can apply to any person who is hundreds of feet in the air or even standing on an office chair. This broad definition means that your employer is responsible for providing the right training and equipment for everyone who is not working with their feet on the ground. If you have suffered an injury while working at height in your workplace then you could be entitled to make a falls from height claim against your employer. Read More

Employer Duties

Your employer is responsible for protecting employees from all injuries in the workplace, including falls from heights. Each employers must do all they can with reason to prevent employees form falling, including carrying out risk assessments before, during and after each instance of working from height.

All employers should avoid asking employees to work from height as much as is possible, but if it is essential then they should provide the equipment necessary to prevent a fall. This might include stable platforms instead of ladders and equipment for reducing the height that employees will fall if they do have an accident. Employers are also responsible for ensuring that all employees are properly trained for working at height, that all equipment is inspected regularly and properly maintained, and that working procedures are regularly reviewed and updated according to changes in environment.

Common Falls from Heights Claims

Falls from ladders – Falls from ladders are one of the main types of fall experienced by workers across the UK. This can be due to poorly maintained ladders, a lack of proper equipment, or a lack of training on the part of the employee. Employers should ensure all employees are trained to use a ladder and have the correct equipment available before they begin work.

Falls from machines – Machines are regularly found in the workplace and employers should ensure that any employees using them are properly trained. Employers should also ensure that all machines are properly guarded before they are used. See More

Falls from roofs – Roofs can be extremely fragile and as such are the location of many accidents in construction workplaces. Employers should provide the correct safety equipment to ensure they are secure and that employees are able to carry out their work without compromising the structure of the roof.

Falls from scaffolding – Scaffolding is another piece of equipment used regularly in construction workplaces but without the correct training employees can use it incorrectly or erect it poorly. Employers should ensure that only trained staff are entrusted to secure scaffolding and that safety measures are in place to keep employees safe if the scaffolding fails.

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