Failed to Reach my Daily Limit Points

Oh well, can we really achieve our goals here? To reach our daily limit everyday? As in everyday? As for me, I am having a hard time accumulating my daily limit. As much as I want to I can’t just easily sit down and focus in here. I have a regular job in the morning and always comes home late at around 7pm. As I come home I still have to check how my kids are and sometimes I teach them some lessons in Math and English. I wanted to register them before in a workshop or summer class so they won’t get bored at home during vacation. But my problem as always is that I don’t have a nanny to watch over them, to bring them to their workshop or summer class if ever. Now I was asked by my niece if she can be the one to bring my kids to school while she’s also in a vacation, that is somehow a good news to me. Since I cannot find one who’s willing to do that. She said while she’s waiting for her class to open sometime in August she is willing to watch over my kids. So I said of course yes! It’s timely for the opening of June class for my kids. However it’s already late for my kids for any workshops or summer class since it will be over soon. From where I inquired workshops will only lasts for about 2 weeks and will end up on April 30. It’s a sad news. But anyway, I still got the good news that even for just a few months I already find someone to bring my kids to school.
Another thing why I cannot write for more here is that my work does not allow me to do more than blogging. To create blogs need more of thinking, you really have to focus so you could write a sensible blog. So even when I can earn 300 daily points for a day I still can’t do that for those reasons.

7 thoughts on “Failed to Reach my Daily Limit Points

  1. i know, being a full time working mom, juggling with kids stuff, you hardly have any time for blogging. Maybe you can write up 2 blogs x 5 days on sat and sun, put them in drafts. Will be easier for you

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