Does he love you?

You love him but he loves her. This situation is happening at times. There are situations like this when the girl loves the boy but the boy loves other girl. So what are you going to do for that matter? I think the best solution is to move on. If he loves other girl you cannot push yourself to him. He will never love you because his heart already belongs to someone else. I find this situation a little selfish. How can someone tend to accept this kind of relationship when you already knew you will never be loved but you still chose to stay. Just because you love him? It hurts when the one we love, loves someone else. But what hurts more is that you already knew it but you’re still there just like a reservation or someone who’s ready to take place when the one he loves fail to be with him.
Of course you shouldn’t be longing for your love to be returned. You are loving without any conditions to take place. But how sure are you that becoming a martyr will eventually made him realized that you worthy to be loved than the girl he loves? You are waiting for a miracle to happen. But girl, that won’t happen because if it is, you wouldn’t be in that situation where you are just waiting for him to realized your worth. You are hoping he will realized that you deserved to be loved too. But how will he sees it when he’s too blinded for his love to the other girl? All your efforts will be useless. Because he will never have that chance to think about you, to hold you, to care for you because all those things already belongs to the one he loves. Yes you love him, but the question is does he love you?

4 thoughts on “Does he love you?

  1. I agree completely. I was in a situation before (which I talk about in my blog if you want to read more about it) and the guy had a girlfriend that he obviously really love. I was so stuck on him that I was convinced that he truly loved me and was just using his girlfriend to make me jealousy. Yep, honestly had a screwed up pooint of view because I took everything (no matter how negative) as a sign of him liking me. If I could go back in time I wouldve just left it alone no matter how much I like him because I was obviously delusional and because of that I know he suffered and he surely wasn’t as mean and rude as he could’ve been to me.

  2. Ugh, I can vouch for everything you said. It hurts when you genuinely care for someone and they don’t reciprocate. Moving on is not easy but like you said, it saves you from giving and giving to someone who doesn’t notice or doesn’t care.

  3. i don’t think i have loved anyone. that is why i am single. every time i meet someone, i just feel a void, and i just move on because there is nothing there. i keep meeting the wrong people.

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