Courtship after Marriage

Will it ever stop? When does courtship ever starts and stops? Courtship shouldn’t be stopped even after marriage. How lovely it is knowing that your husband is still deadly in love with you? That even after all the years and kids you have you are still being courted by your husband? Bring you flowers, chocolates, sweet messages, all the sweet gestures the same as when he was still courting you.
However, there are only a few men who still do this with their wives. It’s now rare to see men who still shows their love with their wives. Who are still going to give you flowers, sweet kisses and notes or chocolates, or balloons with special dedication.
Courtship should never stop even after marriage. I guess courtship should be done more in marriage. Because marriage life isn’t an easy relationship to keep. As a woman, as a wife and mother, women gets more of the responsibility to make the relationship work. Women are the ones who do most of the job as a mother, a wife and in some cases work for a living. She has to do everything to make the relationship successful. So she deserved to be loved and cared. She deserved to be treated well. And that is through courtship that she can feel that love. That showing his love by sending her flowers could make her feel that all the efforts she had shown were all worthwhile. She feels the need and the care that she deserved whenever her man makes her feel that way. When her husband kisses her on the forehead and says that he loves her. When her man takes her on dates or just go anywhere special for the both of them. Courtship after marriage is a must for every couples. It doesn’t end with marriage, it should only be the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Courtship after Marriage

  1. Yes most of the couples I’ve known stopped courtship when they are already married. But for me, I think courting should never stop it helps the couple to be more in love with each other as years go by.

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