During my college days I used to read books of witches and got interested in it to the point of living up with it. I used to create spells but not actually to hurt someone instead to give me some motivation in my everyday life. I used to orate “Everyday in Every way I’m getting better and better”. And I believe that it made me going throughout. By reciting it, it makes me feel good and I always thought that it helped me to think that there may be good things to happen everyday. It made me see positivity in life, since I used to feel all the negatives. There should be something that has to give me that motivation and strength to walk thru life. Or else I won’t be able to continue.
We may all have our own ways on how and where to find the motivation to keep us going. It may be thru inspirational books, quotes, stories or from somebody who can give us advices and moral support. Whether we admit it or not we are being influenced with the things, happenings, and the people around us on how we would be able to approach life. Be it in a negative way or not. They said that doing witchcrafts and spells make you a bad person. Not all people who put on spells are witches. As for me, it just depends on how you are going to use the spells. Spells are not actually created to punish or hurt somebody but there are also spells that could heal or give us the determination to push through. Remember that what goes around comes around. And what you have sow is what you will reap. So think first before you cast a spell. It may not be easy to revert what has been done. Or much worst you won’t be able to get those spells back.

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  1. Witches are perceived as bad since the medieval period but I think it is their ways to help and do good that makes them apart from the bad side. So as long as you use it in a common good there will be no negative effect.

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