Back at Work

Even when I do not want to start this week like this. Well I don’t have a choice. A very good morning for me to received a very bad news from a co-worker. If only I could just disappear and let me be gone for awhile until all the problems I am now dealing with were also gone. Hope there’s somebody else out there who will help me. I do not know how did I survived this up until now. But I am still hoping there are other ways to get of this.
How I really wish a miracle would happen! Miracles do happen. But I am hoping that someday that miracle will come up to me sooner. I was able to rest yesterday. But now back to work and back to reality. It’s such a headache thinking of my day to day life. Even when I think of positive things, negatives overflow. Being so drowned with it. And being too emotional with what I am dealing with.
Please Lord help me find a way to end all of this. Or if not possible to end at least give me some time to treat them one by one. Life please be good to me. I am not a sinner and I am a saint but I know for sure that I am not the bad guy. Let me settle my problems one by one and get over with it. But not like this. It seems they are all coming at one time. And I just can’t breathe to this overflowing problems.
I might not be the strong person that everybody knows but I am trying hard to be one. People may judged me as a strong and confident person but I am really not. I am just trying to be alright for all the people around me.
This week may not be good to me like always but I am still looking forward to make this work.

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