Encouraging Little Helpers

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As a mom/wife/woman, it’s often hard to accept help. Especially when that help is 3 feet talk with developing gross motor skills. But it’s important to let toddlers help. It builds self esteem, encourages independence, and gives them a chance to work on coordination, judgment, and reasoning.

But it’s sooo much easier said than done. So here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

Give Them Straight-forward Tasks

Make sure that whatever they are doing is very clear. Pour this water into this bowl. Bring me 3 red plates. Put all the socks in the laundry hamper. Toddlers need very clear directions.

Expect Accidents

Act under the assumptions that they will mess up. They will spill it, drop it, misplace it, or some combination. So make sure whatever you let them help with has room for error and can be fixed.

When it’s a good time for helping, take advantage of it

There will be plenty of times when they are not able to help. So be mindful when you come across small jobs that could use little hands. Asking them to help in these moments will make it easier for them to accept that they can’t help other times.

Be Patient

Ironically enough, letting your little ones help is work. Sometimes a lot of work. It requires plenty of patience and grace, so take a deep breath and know that you are working hard now to give them what they need.

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  1. This is awesome advice. My daughter is 8 now and I feel like we did a decent job of allowing her independence at a young age. I think what you say is especially important in our day and time because it instills a sense of work ethic. Great post!

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