Having an Effective Moving Sale

Selling things you no longer want or need or can’t take with you when you moving is a good way to make some extra money for the move. Here are a few pointers to maximize your return. Advertise Let people know when, where, and what you’ll be selling. Certain areas have local websites devoted to […]

DIY Cleaning Products

They say if you pinch pennies, the dollars will pinch themselves. I’d like to think that all the little things I do, like turning off lights, bundling my errands, and shopping in bulk add up to make a difference. Another way I like to save a few bucks is making my cleaning products at home. […]

Encouraging Little Helpers

As a mom/wife/woman, it’s often hard to accept help. Especially when that help is 3 feet talk with developing gross motor skills. But it’s important to let toddlers help. It builds self esteem, encourages independence, and gives them a chance to work on coordination, judgment, and reasoning. But it’s sooo much easier said than done. […]

The 10 Worst Things About Pregnancy

It took quite some time for my husband and I to get to this point. We tried for years to start a family without much success. I’m very grateful that our baby will be here soon, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. That being said…pregnancy sucks. I often describe it as the most […]

Building a Better Budget

So not too long ago I realized (when we started to fall behind on our bills) that I had no idea where our money was going. We’re not very frivolous or advid shoppers. But some how it felt like it was disappearing. That’s when I made the decision to rethink the way I made my […]

Fuzzy Love

So my family has recently made the decision to move. It’s been a difficult decision to say the least, and made all the harder by the fact that we have to rehome most of our animals (3 out of 4.) It’s definitely a hard thing to do. We’re keeping April (above) because she’s the most […]


I think introductions are in order. I am a wife, mother, writer, cheapskate, procrastinator, etc. I love all things chocolate. I am always excited about DIY projects, but struggle with my follow through. ¬†And I have serious commitment issues when I comes to books. I’m hoping through this blog I can share with you my […]

Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill

Nothing makes me happier than saving money. Well…very few things anyway. One of my family’s biggest expenses is groceries. Luckily, it’s one of the least fixed expenses. Over the years, I’ve found ways to trim back our grocery bill and save some major bucks. Here are some of my favorite techniques. Plan on stocking up […]

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