My sweet mom and dad.

Hey friends!

How are you?

I hope you all are fine.

I am fine too.

Whats going on?

Today I would like to talk about about parents.

Parents are the blessing of God.

There is nothing on the earth like parents. So always respect your parents. ย I respect my parents a lot. I love my parents a lot. Today I went to airport to receive my parents. My mom and dad goes to Allah’s home for performing Umrah. May God accept their worships. May God accept all their good deeds. There visa was for 21 days. I really miss my mom and dad. When they were out of country. By chance I have a little time to meet with my parents. I really feel sad that point. That moments were unable to explain. My uncle and aunt were also with my mom and dad. So I was also tension free about their health. I love you my mom and dad. Please God give my Mom and Dad a good health. I love you mom and dad. I love you so much.

Parents are the great gift of God. So always respect your parents. Try to make them happy as much as you can. ย Never hurt your parents at any situation.

The most beautiful thing on the earth to see your parents smiling face. And the really beautiful and the most cute thing is this to know that you are the reason of that smile. We are so busy in growing up. We are very busy in our lives. We are very busy in our daily routine. We forget this fact that they are also growing up. So we should take care of them in every situation and condition.

I love you my sweet Mom and Dad. Please remember me in your prayers always.

Thank you friends.

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