Fight against Death!

January 22nd, the day when I gave birth, was my first time to feel so much pain in my body. I couldn’t endure the pain, because I never experienced such pain since I was a kid. I was never hospitalized before, never gotten hurt nor had any operation. But that day changed me, the pain I felt when having my labor was the worst I ever had, unfortunately I couldn’t stand the pain and gave up. I forgot to mention I was giving birth in a lying-in clinic, which is intended only for normal deliveries. An hour trying to give birth to my baby normally, almost ended both our lives. My baby’s head was stuck in my pelvic bone, for long, and my genital part was already swollen because of the forced IE. Consciously, I asked my mom to call my sister because I would like to be transferred to the nearest hospital and have cesarean operation. The midwife heard me, and she got mad, she yelled at me saying that doctors won’t do the operation because the baby’s head is already going out. She was rude. Well, she must have forgotten that I also studied nursing and of course I knew what to do, but she kept on insisting that I should undergo normal delivery. I didn’t listen to her though, knowing that my child is already in danger. They called ambulance and rushed me to the nearest private hospital. While in the emergency room, I demanded for an emergency cesarean operation.  They immediately rushed me to the operating room, the doctor checked me and she immediately did the surgery. I was awake during the surgery, but of course I couldn’t feel any pain. That time all I care about was my baby, I waited for more than an hour, hoping to hear my baby cry. When I heard her cry, all the pain I felt in the labor and all my worries were gone. I had all the worst and the best that night, it is by far, the most unforgettable day of my life.




The moment two individuals have decided to tie a knot, both probably have the desire to build a family and raise lovely children. It is a decision that will surely change the single life of both gender, since a married couple’s responsibility and obligation will no longer circle on themselves alone, but will definitely circle on their future children. Having kids is the second stage of building a family, after marriage. It is one of the best favor that will be given to the couple, which will complete the so called family. There goes parenthood, but how can parent be a good parent?

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