New Facebook Video: Intro to Overcoming Any Addiction Finding the Inner You Video Series

New Video Series

I have decided that I would do some videos in relation to the book I wrote, Overcoming Any Addiction: Finding the Inner You which can be found at This is my first video. It is just an introduction to what the future videos and series of videos will be like and what they will be for. This is a short summary of my story and why I wrote my book, Overcoming Any Addiction: Finding the Inner You. I hope these videos can help even one person. If you would kindly share them with others if you feel they would benefit from them or if you think they could share them with someone else, feel free to do that. I hope that in my efforts of finding myself through recovery from my addiction, I can help even just one other person find their way into overcoming an addiction as well. To watch my first video please go to my Facebook page.


Thanks and hope to read comments from any of you!

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