Back here again

Hello, For those who enjoy this blog, I am truly sorry for not being here as often as my other one. I tried to get on last evening but the website was under maintenance mode.This is how I spent my day online. Being I was out for a better part of the day, I spent all of my time on my phone doing my apps. I started out with mplaces which is always a fun site. Then I moved on to grab points and earned some easy points over there. I  actually used my youtube app and made a video of another one of my traffic websites. the video is actually posted on my google+ account for those who are friends with me there. Then I went on an ibotta app and went shopping. Since I was already shopping, I got some points on checkpoints app just for walking in and I got some kicks on my shopkick app. When I got home, I looked at my receipt from the store and got some cash back from my mobisave app. by the way all of these apps are free to join. I will have a list of these apps on my own personal blog this weekend when I get some time. Then I came home and hopped on the laptop. I started with emails and hopped on one of my favorite sites. fusioncash. I actually completed a survey today that paid almost $5.00. Then I posted on the forum over their before going over to another one of my favorite traffic sites. traffic swirl. I then started watching a few videos on a website I just joined recently. it is called dollarclix. I watch videos and do some other things to earn points which can be turned in for cash or amazon credits. My last task of the day was hopping on  blogjob to complete some tasks including this. I hope you all have a great day or night pending on what time it is where you live.

Been busy

Well, I tried something different alright. I added another blog based on something i am always talking about. Sports. I should have done this from the get go. thats  ok. That is another reason I have not been back to write back on this blog.but today I am back so let me tell you about my online day. I started out in the morning while still laying in bed with my phone. I opened up a an app on my phone called grab points. I earn points on that app throughout the day. I also have to make a video for that as well to earn some easy points. Then while still on my phone, I opened up the mplaces app. that one you can use anywhere probably in the U.S. only to get some easy points just by checking into different places.since I was having all kinds of fun on my phone,I decided to keep the fun going and opened up my perk tv app. I watched a few videos and earned a few points and some tokens to spend at a later time. I then decided I was going to plan my grocery shopping list.I have some apps on my phone where I really earn money. I use Mobisave, shopkicks,checkpoints,and Ibotta. Not only do they pay accordingly but mobisave puts your funds right into your paypal account.After I am done shopping, I gather my store receipts and go to my 2 favorite receipt programs. Receipt hog and Receipt pal. I get amazon credits from receipt pal and either amazon credits or paypal credits from receipt hog. these programs should work with any i phone or android phone. some programs may not work in countries other than the U.S. I got so wrapped up in my phone talk that I forgot to add my home computer Activity. I guess that is what next time is for. Have a great day.

Trying something new

I have had this blog for just under a week and I decided to switch things up a little. I originally started to tell you about  an ordinary day. not just any ordinary day, my ordinary day. I can see after a while how that can get boring. I decided to take it in a different direction.I am going to tell you about my ordinary day but this time it will be my ordinary day doing what I do best. using my laptop and my phone. that’s right. I am going to tell you about my online daily routine. Between my smartphone and my laptop at home, I do multiple things on both of them. not to worry, I am not going to tell you about every call I make or receive or every text I generate. I am going to tell you about different apps I use and different online programs I utilize daily while earning some extra money. I think this will be more interesting and more active than telling people about my morning cup of coffee or when my dog licks my nose. This will be not only useful for my readers, but I will elaborate on anything I write about so you guys and gals are not left in the dark. Being tomorrow is another day, let me get a full day of activities in so I can give everyone something to read about. I would do it now but I didn’t keep a log or document the daily things I completed in the coarse of my day. Also, it gives everybody something to look forward to as I get tomorrows activities done. I want to thank everyone for the previous comments on here when I wanted to cancel my blog page instead I just rewrote it. Have a great day.

last thing to do

Hello, Being it is late, I saved this for the last thing I will do on the computer tonight. I would have been on here earlier but this site was down for maintenance so I worked on a few other things. ok, My day started out with the rain falling from the heavens. My dog does not like the rain so getting him out was a fun time. after about ten minutes of hearing him bark up a storm and wake up the rest of the neighborhood, I let him in and had my first of many cups of coffee for the day. then I put his food dish on the floor and filled it with his favorite meal. Dog food with vanilla wafers.After that, I grabbed my laptop and proceeded to go through the emails. after completing a few online surveys and earning a few dollars, I went on to a couple of my traffic websites and built up some advertising credits. shortly after that, I gave the laptop a few hours off while I ran some errands with my spouse. we got back in the early afternoon and had some salad for lunch. I also added a bratwurst  with mine. I then went back to a few more emails and some ptc sites. then it was dinner time. after dinner i got cleaned up and got back on the laptop. I was about to log onto this site when I seen a warning that the site was under maintenance so I did a few other things. being it was getting late, I checked out the site one more time and presto! Here I am finishing the night here. with that being said let me say I wish you all a great night and thank you for reading my blog about my ordinary day.

Late in day post

Hello, Here we are at the start of another work week. it is late in the day but let me tell you why I decided to write this late.I wanted to get through a full day or almost a full day so I can have more to talk about. I started with the ordinary stuff, coffee, walk the dog, and errands. Then I hit the power on the laptop and started my emails.then I started to work on a few programs  that I recently signed up for. Being they were new, I wanted to start doing the research on them so I can learn about the ins and outs about the program. Then they can run the way I want them to. One thing I learned about online programs is if done right, they can run with very little effort and a lot of fast results. After I was done with that I went to see my father. today was his birthday and since I didn’t live in the same state for the last few years, all I could do was cal him and send a card. After a couple of hours with pop, I ran some more errands and headed for home. It was early afternoon, so I decided to throw some laundry in the machine. While the laundry was washing, I had some healthy dinner and decided to go do a few more online programs. Now since it is late in day, I am going to finish the laundry and watch television while doing some paid to click ads. I find it fun and really easy to do this which is not really hard because  once an ad runs out, I click on another one.That is one of the highlights of my day because I know that I made it through another ordinary day. I hope everyone has  a great day.

Sunday is always a fun day

Here it is, another ordinary day and I am glad to be here. It started about five in the morning and it was just about daylight. I figure I will get up in a little while. Well about six thirty quarter to seven, the dog starts to wine and wants to go outside for his morning business. I tell him, give me a couple of minutes. he just couldn’t wait so he hopped up on the bed and started licking my hand because my face was under the blanket. Finally I dragged my tired bones out of bed and started to head for the restroom for my morning business, but he wasn’t hearing it. He had to go first. So I brought him downstairs and out he went. after five minutes of waiting, he was done. now it was my turn. I then went into the kitchen and had my first cup of coffee with my spouse. it is something I look forward to every morning. halfway through my first cup of coffee, the dog decides he wants to eat. So I put his food together. his food consists of dry dog food and a couple of vanilla wafer cookies. I tried him with wet food for a few weeks but he really didn’t like it because it was not what he was raised on. so I sat back down and finished my luke warm cup of coffee. I then proceeded to do some morning household chores and after get dressed for the daily errands. I left and went to the bank first to make a deposit, then I stopped and got some lottery tickets. Lastly I got a nice cup of Hot coffee at my favorite place. I drank my coffee and headed home. That was my ordinary day. Have a nice day.

My first post

What do you consider an ordinary day? It can be many things pending on the person. an ordinary day for me is waking up in the morning and getting yet another great day started. How do I know it’s going to be a great day? well, the first thing that gives me a clue that it will be a great day is i’m alive. I get to spend another great day on this great planet they call earth. yes I may not be very old or not even retired and won’t be for a while, but I never know what to expect everyday. I start each day with a cup of coffee. then I watch the morning news to find out what kind of weather I am going to have that day.After that I grab a quick bite to eat. usually a bagel or an english muffin. sometimes I make up a fruit salad the night before and eat that. then I click on the power button on my laptop. First I read through some emails. after about ten minutes of deleting the trash, I start doing my emails. what I mean by this is I belong to many websites that I complete offers for and complete surveys for. Then I open some other emails and get credit just for doing that. after about an hour of going through emails I go to one of my many opportunity sites and complete some offers there. after I’m done with those websites, I go out and run some errands. Then its off to work. After work I get back on the laptop and go through a few more websites. Then it’s dinner time. Finally at the end of the night I get on one of my PTC websites and click while watching television. well, That was just an ordinary day for me.