By becoming an independent business owner in one or more of the opportunities, you’ll have to ability to create multiple streams of residual income by referring new users to the site. Whenever someone signs up using your referral link they will be placed in your member network and if they decide to participate in an opportunity that you have already joined they will be able to join your team in that business. This can create duplication in your business as the referrals of your referrals, and the referrals of their referrals (and so on and so forth), will be able to join your team in that business as well. Additionally in order to help you recover some of the initial start up costs, you’ll receive points which can be redeemed for cash whenever you join a business opportunity under your sponsor. You can refer new users to the site by using the social sharing buttons while logged in or by adding your referral code (?ref=[mycred_affiliate_id]) to the end of any link. More opportunities will be added as the site is able to support them.

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