Redeeming for the first time

The excitement that comes a long with redeeming for the first time is unbelievable. I have been working so hard to get to the point to where i could cash out on this site and i finally was able to do so today. I have been on here when others have said they redeemed and i was happy for them but i never dreamed of the feeling of accomplishment it actually gives to a person.

It gives me more motivation to try to work harder and make sure i always get my daily limit so i can redeem again very soon. The money i have redeemed for will go towards my upcoming vacation and that makes me very proud to know that one of my goals i had set has been made. It makes me proud knowing that the harder i work on my online goals the less i have to worry about. I really do not want to have to dip into my budget to make sure i have enough for vacation. My next goal is to see if i can get enough points to possibly redeem again before we leave for vacation. I am not sure if it is possible but i can say i am determined to give it my best shot.

To all of those that are working towards their goal on here to be able to redeem i know it seems so far away but do not give up because you will make it. I am not sure exactly how long it took me to get there but i know along the way i would get frustrated and not work on here as much because it did seem so far away. I am now glad that i got over that and decided to work harder to make it.


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