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Redeeming for the first time

The excitement that comes a long with redeeming for the first time is unbelievable. I have been working so hard to get to the point to where i could cash out on this site and i finally was able to do so today. I have been on here when others have said they redeemed and i was happy for them but i never dreamed of the feeling of accomplishment it actually gives to a person.

It gives me more motivation to try to work harder and make sure i always get my daily limit so i can redeem again very soon. The money i have redeemed for will go towards my upcoming vacation and that makes me very proud to know that one of my goals i had set has been made. It makes me proud knowing that the harder i work on my online goals the less i have to worry about. I really do not want to have to dip into my budget to make sure i have enough for vacation. My next goal is to see if i can get enough points to possibly redeem again before we leave for vacation. I am not sure if it is possible but i can say i am determined to give it my best shot.

To all of those that are working towards their goal on here to be able to redeem i know it seems so far away but do not give up because you will make it. I am not sure exactly how long it took me to get there but i know along the way i would get frustrated and not work on here as much because it did seem so far away. I am now glad that i got over that and decided to work harder to make it.


You have to put forth the effort

When trying to make money online you have to put forth the effort. It is not just going to happen. There are several websites that allow people to do different task to earn money or like this site to earn points to later cash in for money.  I myself by working with several different websites have learned that the amount of money you can earn is totally up to you and how much work you want to put into it.

For myself there are days that i really do not feel like working on any of the sites but i try to push myself to do at least one thing on each site. On some of the websites they want you to answer surveys and some of them can be very long and boring but if you want to make the money you have to suffer through it and get them done. Most of the websites that want you to answer surveys do not have a limit on how many surveys you can do in a day so the earning potential is endless. Some of the surveys are hard to qualify for but most of the time the websites will give you a few points just for your time. Those points can really add up.

On this website if there is a day that i can’t think of anything to blog about i will at least come in and read others post and like or even comment on some of them. It doesn’t give a lot of points but does help. The best advice i can give anyone that wants to try to make money online is just don’t give up. Try to work on whatever websites you choose at least once a day. The points will really add up before you know it.

Setting daily goals for making online money

My goal this year for vacation as most know is to make most of my vacation spending money online. I have 3 main websites that i work off of that i can make money from. I was getting a bit overwhelmed wondering exactly if i had enough time to make my goals so what i did is broke it down.

First thing i did was figured out how many days i actually had before vacation started. Then i backed it up a few weeks to make sure when i cashed out it gave plenty of time for my rewards to get to me. Then i divided it out to figure out exactly how many points a day i needed to make on each site. Once i did that it really has given me the incentive to work harder. Sometimes you just need to see things on paper to realize exactly what needs to be done. The way i have it figured i will be able to cash out on all of my online sites within the next 2 months and that will be just in time before our vacation. If all goes well it will mean an extra $300.00 in cash and $100.00 in gas cards. It won’t completely pay for vacation by no means but it sure will help.

I am now more determined than ever to make these goals. I have already completed one goal and already received my reward. That really got my daughter excited too. So now she is also starting to work doing things online and she too is determined to make her a little spending money online.  My daughter has her eye on her reward and now is more determined than ever just to prove she can do it.

I have a feeling with hard work both of us will meet our goals and be able to cash out on several sites making this an even better vacation that originally planned.


Making money online can be a challenge

I know there are many that make a lot of money online. I myself find it a bit of a challenge sometimes. I have several websites i work off of and i try my best to give each of the sites my attention as much as i can. However when i started working at an outside job my time has become more limited than before so i don’t get to spend as much time online.

To make my challenge a little less stressful what i have done is i have wrote down every website i use to make money and i try to go through my list everyday to make sure i get on those sites at least once a day and do at least one thing to either earn money or to earn the points that will earn me money. If i just earn 1 point a day i feel like at least i tried. (Which i do try to get more than 1 point that was just an example) I have also noticed that by me having a list to go by i am less likely to forget a site as some sites if you don’t sign in for several days they count your account as inactive and they will take your points or money away.

I have several sites that i am real close to cashing out on but with my limited time it has taken a little longer to do so. Making money online is like a second job but it is up to the person doing it how much money they can make. It is a real challenge trying to find the time to do all that needs to be done.

I just wonder do others find it as much as a challenge to keep up with several online money making sites or is it just me.

Making money online can take some time

As most people know i do a lot of online things to make money however sometimes it takes a little time to accumulate a good amount of money. I have several sites i do and although they do not pay out really well i continue to stick with them and keep going in hopes that i will meet goals i have set for myself.

I myself usually work all year on my online sites and only cash out once a year then i use all the money that i made online for our vacation. Believe it or not it does add up nicely but it does take a while to add up and you have to be dedicated to going to these sites often and doing the work it calls for. Which for me i am guilty of not spending enough time doing. I could probably make more money online if i did spend more time on certain sites.

I have heard of people making a couple hundred dollars a week doing online surveys and stuff like that but i do not have the patience to sit and do surveys all day although i know it would pay better than what i am doing now. I try to get on the sites i do at least a couple times  a week if i find the time. Sometimes my time is limited but when it gets closer to vacation time i feel really bad that i did not spend more time trying to make more money for my vacation.

Even though it takes a while to have the money add up doing the online work i continue on. It always feels good when you do finally meet that goal and you are able to cash out ( for me at vacation time). It makes you feel like you have actually accomplished something.

Working online

I have been working all day long on listing items on eBay. To those of you that are wondering if selling on eBay pays off it does. You just have to work at it. I am always being asked what type of things to you sell on ebay i tell them i will try to sell anything. My advice to anyone wanting to start selling on eBay is think of stuff you might look for to buy.

When i first started selling on ebay my first item i sold was a Pokemon clock. It was my sons clock and he no longer wanted it. We were going to have a yard sale to get rid of some things but could never find the time plus a yard sale takes a lot of preparing for. So what did is everything that i was going to put in my yard sale i just listed it, I was not sure if i would get rid of it or not but i did know i didn’t have time to sell in a yard sale or sell at the flea market. To my surprise people bought a lot of the items i had listed. At that point i was hooked. When the kids out grew clothes if they were still in good condition i listed them, when they out grew toys i listed it.

You never know what someone else is looking for either. Some that i think will sell right away is usually the item that sits there the longest. The item i think no one wants is the one i sell first so that shows you never know. It is very interesting seeing what others purchase and it is a great feeling knowing that the item you can no longer use is not just sitting in a corner gathering dust that you have actually made a little money on it and someone is able to use it.

Ways to make a little extra money

Everyone is always looking for ways to make a little extra income and i am no different. There are several ways to make extra income online for instance blogging online many sites will pay you to blog as i am new to the blogging world it is hard for me to explain very much about it because i am still learning too.

I have however been selling items for a long time online and had pretty good luck with it. Some months aren’t so good but the good months make up for it. I have tried sites such as eBay and tophatter both i have made pretty good money at times. It is just a matter of finding that right item that someone wants. To me that is the challenge and the fun of it because you never know what someone wants. The one item i list and i think this won’t stay long is the item i do not sell right away. Seems like it is always the item i put on there and say no one will want this is what sells first.

There are also pages on facebook that you can put items on to sell them. I have sold a few things that way too usually you put a picture of your item on the page and if someone is interested they will send you a message and if they decide to purchase you have to go meet them somewhere close. I have done this before but i prefer the other sites listed above so i can just mail the item out to the person.

Many people have been very successful selling online, you can make various amounts of money it just depends all on if you have the item that everyone wants and how much work you want to put in on the listing and promoting your items. And always remember one mans trash is another mans treasure.