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Prolific Academic is a relatively new site I’ve started. But boy! It sure has become one my regular go to sites to earn some extra money on the side. As of the date on this post, I’ve made a little under $30 in a month. So far so good!


What is Prolific?

Well, quite simply, this site wants you fill out surveys that typically come from universities or organizations. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire to start so the site can see which studies you are eligible for. Sometimes there will be additional questions for you to answer located along the bottom of the “Studies” tab and in the “Account” tab.

How Everything Works

The site is easy to get started and you can jump right into taking surveys if you wish. Just a few notes to keep in mind though:

  1. This site only redeems your earned money to PayPal. The currency everything is in on site is in British Pounds (£), but PayPal will convert the amount to your default currency when the payment is sent.
  2. The minimum amount you can redeem is £5. Nothing less.
  3. The site tells you that you might want to wait until you save up to £20 if you want to avoid PayPal fees. However, I’ve been told these fee’s are pretty small so it’s up to you if you want to save or redeem them if you below this amount.
  4. Before you can redeem any money, head over to the “Trust” tab in the “Account” section. You will have to verify your email address and have a SMS verification code sent to you before you can cash out. If you don’t have a mobile phone, this might be an issue and I just wanted to warn you ahead of time. (They also have a FaceBook connect option, but that is optional and won’t grant you any incentive if you decide to do it.)

The surveys on site can net anywhere a wide variety of amounts depending on what the study is about and how long it will take you. The longer the survey typically nets you the most money, but I’d still take whatever they offer you. The site usually has 1 or 2 surveys you can take a day and they only have so many spots to fill. If you want the cash, make sure you get there quick!

Also, be prepared to wait a few days for the researchers to go over your answers. Under the “Manage Studies” tab in the “Account” section, there is a list of all the surveys you have taken. Most will be required to await a review which typically takes no longer than a week. At least for me so far. Some may take longer I’m sure, but I haven’t come across any so far that has taken that long yet.

The money that is part of the surveys in review will fall into the “Pending” section of your Account Balance just so you know how much you’re waiting on to clear. They will move into your “Balance” section as soon as they clear. You should also receive an email informing you when studies are done being in review.

Payment Proof


Well, that’s pretty much it for this site. I’d advise checking it a few times a day for new studies and take them as soon as they go up. They probably won’t be there for long if you wait in my experience.

Good luck earning and feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding anything. I’ll try my best to answer anything. Thanks for looking!


18. September 2016 by Angel
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  1. No questions. I’ve been at PA for a few months now and I agree that it’s a great site.

    • It really is! Wish I had found about it sooner. The only thing I dislike is how little surveys they do have on there. I usually keep a tab open all day and refresh occasionally to see if any surveys have been added.

      • I knew about it months before I joined but was reluctant to try it because I’ve never earning enough to cash out on any other survey site I’ve tried. Like you I wish I’d joined earlier.

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