Getting started with Blogjob – Beginners guide

It pains me whenever i see newly registered members on blogjog to be confused. So in this article i will be focusing on how newly registered member can get started on blogjob.

Blogjob is a blogging platform like wordpress, blogger, hubpages but the difference is that you don’t have to monetize your post before you get paid on it. Blog job pays you for virtually everything you do on the site.
You get paid in points which can be converted to real cash. You earn points when you like something, comment either in forum or on a blog post, upload new avatar, new friendship, blog post and to refer new signup. You can check the detail list here.

The best way to earn points is through blog posts and by referring a signup because you get 50 points respectively.
How do i create a site?
You can create your site by going to sites >> create new sites >> fill in the form and you are good to go.
You don’t have monetize your blog before you can earn money from your site. For every blog post you get 50 points. But if you feel like monetizing your blog with ads, you are free to do that. Just go to your site, click on site admin or login >> menu >> settings >> advertisement >> place your advertisement code in the boxes and you can now make extra income. You can also sell your products here on blogjob.
Blogjob is the only paid to post site that offers more than 10 payment options. They almost instantly via paypal, coinbase, venmo and you can view the other methods here.
As a new member your daily points limit is 150 points. But you can increase them by completing some projects.
You can also take part in their business opportunities to earn more here on blogjob.
You can publish any type of article, there are no limit how you can earn. There have been testimonies about this sites. It is real and legit. Was this article helpful?

HOT REVIEW! How to make money with WORLDSTART
There are tons of sites that pays people to write for them, and one of those sites is called WORLDSTART. You might wonder what this site is all about or how it works. But don’t worry because we will be reviewing the site today.
What is WorldStart?
This is a site that pays you to write for them. They need tips for their email newsletter and worldstart’s computer tips. There are over 300,000 readers waiting to see your article.
Type of Article:
They need articles about computer tutorial. They believe their readers are grade 1 students, so you have to write an article as simple as you can. They require a post that is well written and requires minimum editing. It means that you have to do alot of hardwork before your post can be accepted. If your article can be understand by a 6 year old boy, then you are good to go. Make sure you include a step to step screenshots of your tutorial because it is compulsory if you want your article to be accepted by the company.
Words requirement
The fairest method which the site can use to calculate your payment is through the number of your words. Below are the required words and their payment:

  • 250 words is equal to $15.00
  • 400 words is equal to – $20.00
  • 600 words is equal to $30.00
  • 800 words which is the maximum number of words is equal to 35 dollars.

These are number of words that we can write in a day and that’s so cool.
How do i receive payment?
You can’t write without geting paid. So there must be a method of receiving payments. This site or company offers two payment option which are PAYPAL and CHECK. But the check are only offer to people living with the United States of America. You will be responsible for any paypal charges. This might reduce your money but it still leaves a lot for you to spend!.
You make extra income with your existing paid to post site with this site.
Are you ready to earn via WorldStart? Now head over to the page.


HOW to get traffic for your product with YOULIKEHITS!

Has anyone never decided to read your tweets on twitter? Or maybe you don’t have enough followers. People have tried to promote their product online but one of the most efficient method is through the use of social networks. But unfortunately not every one has enough friends or followers. Today i will be sharing with you how to market your products on twitter even without much followers. Remember that the key to sales is when you have enough traffic. All this can be accomplished with a site called YOULIKEHITS.
YOULIKEHITS.COM is a social network exchanger. With it you get paid with points to follow people, retweet, tweet and to favourite. After doing some of the above for sometime, you will now have enough points. You can use these points to buy followers, retweets, favourites and for people to help you tweet. The most amazing part was that i got up to 30 followers within some hours. And i got 10 retweets and 11 favourites between some minutes. But never use it to get visitors to your blog here.Because it is prohibited by some sites like blogjob. Note that this site is legal because all the follows, retweets, favourites are done by the user manually. Without wasting time here are the ways you can market your product via this site:

  • Tweet: With your points you can command a person to tweet what you like. If the eventually have millions of followers, this might turn out to be a big sale.
  • Retweets: With your points you can pay users to retweet an existing tweet for you. It works in the same way with the first one. Whenever someone retweet your tweets they get paid out of your points.
  • Favourites: You can pay people to favourite your tweets. When you have gotten much favourites on your post, it becomes a top post on twitter search engine. Whenever someone search something related to your tweet, you tweet comes first. Which will in turn bring traffic.

Not only could you do all this, you can also get as many youtube subscribers.You can use this site market your products even when you don’t have enough traffic. You even get an activation bonus of 50 points. Which is 50 tweets or retweets. Have you tried it? Or have questions or contributions? The comment box is open to everyone that are unique like you!


I just came across this affiliate program from x10hosting, so i decided to share it with you:

Affiliate Program Overview
x10Hosting offers a rewarding and profitable affiliate program that is open to everyone, a hosting account is not required to participate. A brief overview of the affiliate system and sign-up link can be found here: m/affiliates
How much you earn
We pay not only for free hosting sign ups, we also pay you again if your referral upgrades their free hosting plan or purchases any other paid products. Free hosting sign ups are split into two categories based off the country of sign up, your account will be credited at the 7 day and 90 day mark for free hosting sign ups as shown below.
Group A: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom

  • *.$0.25 upon referral account signup
  • *.$0.75 after referral active for 90 days
  • *.Total Possible: $1.00 USD per referral

Group BAll other countries:

  • *.$0.15 upon referral account signup
  • *.$0.35 after referral active for 90 days
  • *.Total Possible: $0.50 USD per referral

This means we pay a flat fee for every person you refer that signs up and has an active account in good standing for 7 days, if that account makes it to 90 days and is still in good standing you will receive a second payout. Some examples of how much you would make in different scenarios can be found at the bottom of this article.
Premium and VPS Services:
We pay a flat fee of $25 per premium hosting or VPS sign up you send our way, this can be a free hosting customer upgrading to premium or a direct premium hosting sign up. There is no expiration on upgrades, if a free hosting user you referred upgrades a year later you will still be credited for that upgrade. In order to receive credit the person must have an active premium or VPS account for 90 days.
Referring people that are interested in making a website or interested in web design will increase the likelihood of them keeping their account or upgrading to a paid service.

A Payout
Our payout minimum is just $10, once you reach this minimum we will pay it out to you within the first week of the following month. So if on the 25th of the month you hit $10 in affiliate income you will be paid by the 7th of the following month. We are willing to use other methods of payment besides Paypal but they will require a minimum payout of $100. This includes check, Skrill, Western Union, etc. Please contact us for information or questions about these other methods of payment. If you do a fantastic job referring users to us and are making money consistently we may require you to fill out a W9 tax form, we will contact you if or when this is needed. A W9 will generally be required when you get close to $600 in earnings.

3 slowest methods to earn money online

Everyone want to make money but not everyone make it big. When i first wanted to make money online, i made little. These are money about $1/month, though can buy a soda drink. I discovered that these sites will only make it big from me.
You must have discovered that these type of sites are easy to operate but time consuming. Many newbies fall for this site because they are in haste to earn that money. Though these sites might be helpful sometime, maybe when we need extra cash. Today i will be sharing the top three slowest earning methods online. I have noticed these sites and they can be easily pointed out by their fruits. Most of these sites promise you heaven and earth but you will only earn little. In countries where there are no free access to the internet, you will discover yourself spending more than what you will earn. You have to take note of these three type of sites so that you will not fall for them again.

Imagine you spending your whole time on a site and get $1 in return. After that the payment processor subtract their transaction fee from your money. You will end up earning less than one dollar.
Without wasting much time let’s begin to elaborate on these three methods:

  • Paid To Click sites: They are so called sites which claim to pay you money to click on links. I once registered on, but their earning was too slow. I got paid about $0.02 – $0.1 to click on their adverts. Hmmm, that was too slow.
  • Get paid to complete offers: There numerous of websites on the net who claim to pay you to complete offers. Some example of the offers is to download a sponsored app. You can’t continue to waste your data and get pennies in return.
  • Traffic exchangers: You might have come across this type of site. They pay you to visit other peoples website and you get pennies in return. It is just like visit my website and i will visit your’s.

This article is not meant to criticise these methods. Because there are also millions of people who still do it. Surveys pay better than the above listed. Hmmm Now…Have you tried of the methods above? Share your experience!