Ways to make money with your poem online

Poetry is one of those things i love most, especially those poem who use poetic-license to their own advantage! Poem will bring you out of reality to another unknown world of imagination!
After my research i found out some ways upcoming poets can make money with their poem online, without wasting time here are the ways below:

  • Package and sell your poetry at any ebook store.
  • Use pay-per-download site like ziddu.com and recommend people to download it from those sites.
  • Use those url-shortener that pays you when someone clicks your poem download link.
  • Go for online contest.
  • Use paid-to-post site like Hubpages, daily2cents, Blogjob, Triond to publish your poem.
  • Create a blog and monetize it.
  • Work as a freelancers

Those are the ways i can so far recall, you don’t have to depend on anyone as an upcoming poet! Start to make money 😀 today from the works of your imagination!! 😀
It is super easy to make money as an artist! ! !:-D

Are you still freelancing?

It has been a long time when i stop to work as a freelancer but i will soon return to it! For those of you who do not know what freelancing is: Freelancing is the process of rendering some services and get paid for it!
There are many services you can render, it doesn’t matter. One of my teacher said:
“Anything worth doing, worth doing well”
Don’t look at what you can do with a small eye, you can actually make thousands of dollar from those little services of yours.
But you might be wondering how you can get the job opportunities, don’t worry because there are sites where you can register and advertise your services for free. Example of those sites are:

  • Elance.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Fiverr.com

Make sure you complete your profile! In your bio, make sure you fill in your years of working experience and most importantly: UPLOAD A SMILING PHOTO🙂
Because no client will accept a frowning face. Be honest and do a good job for everyone ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Facebook Wealth Formula by Adam C Miller

I tried to publish this post but could not because of the network, but now i am going to be unleashing this amazing wonderful secret. It is all about FACEBOOK WEALTH FORMULA by Adam C Miller, this ebook is a wonderful ebook that has turned the lives of people around, it is a power-pack ebook.
It teaches you how to generate a steady income from your favourite social network(facebook). Who do you think this book is for, it is for:

  • Those who want to generate a steady income from facebook.
  • Those interested in affiliate sales.
  • Those who want to be independent!
  • Those who want to work fully from home!

Are you among the above listed people? Then this amazing power-pack ebook is for you! Make sure you invite your friends to enjoy from this offer by sharing this page.
All you need is a computer, time and hardwork!! Thats it! Get ebook below for free!
Enjoy 😀 this offer today ! !

Coinbase vs Paypal

In few years bitcoins has being rocking the internet and while so many people are unaware of it!
Bitcoin is a digital currency created by SATOSHI, it is owned by nobody and no bank has any right over it! Recently 1 bitcoin = $229, because of this value many people has taken it as an alternative since the can become the bank of theirselves. But befor bitcoin can successfully run, you will need a wallet. A wallet is an online purse where all your bitcoin stores. One of the most popular bitcoin wallet is Coinbase.
Coinbase is a well known bitcoin wallet that is used by most people today for transactions, and you also earn free bitcoins when you refer someone. Unlike coinbase, PAYPAL is an online e-payment system that is very popular all over the world and is also used for online transactions. What’s so good about coinbase is that it accepts everyone all over the world, you can sell your bitcoins to anyone and receive your payment, and with PAYPAL you can shop thousands of stores online. :

How to spot a phishing site

Some of the times we come across different method of hacking and one of those method is called Phishing.
It is the process of cloning a site, so that when people put in their login details, the details are sent to the server automatically and the hacker gets entrance to your account!
This websites might be sent to you via email or even by a friend just to get entrance to your account. Any website apart from the real site you registered that asked you to put in your details, never put in your details or get hacked!
Here is a video on youtube that will teach you how to spot a phishing website:
Make sure you pick up your book and pen and begin to write down some important tips. Most importantly, remember that hackers only want to get access to your private privilages. DON’T FALL FOR PHISHING METHOD, SAY NO TO HACKING!