Tips on how to blog part-time

Blogging is fun and so many people loves it! And some people even says blogging is their passion! But some of us are being limited by our various works, how them can we still blog without any stress. Here are some tips:

  • Your working time and leisure time: U should try to figure out which time you are always free from work apart from sundays.
  • Numbers of blogs: If u are free for 3 hrs, u should try to allocate time for each of the blog. If you own 3 blogs, 1 hour for each will do it.
  • Sunday thinking: You can spend most of your time on sunday doing some research and gathering information, so that it won’t stress you when you want to post on your blog during the week. Note that ideas will always come unexpectedly even during your working time, make sure you write them down !

To conclude everything, to blog part – time need nothing but time management. START TO MANAGE YOUR TIME TODAY, HAPPY BLOGGING, HAPPY SHARING & READING, HAPPY EARNING! 😀

AWSurveys Review

Survey site are no new things in our today society, but there are lot of survey site on the net but this site is quite differ from the others. AWsurveys is a company that pays you to review websites, and give your opinion about the websites you review. You will even get exposed to those sites that you thought they never existed!! Here are some few benefits of joining:

  • Get paid to give your opinion about websites!
  • You get paid 20% of the money of the person you refer.
  • Get paid to complete offers
  • Get exposed to tons of money making websites!!
  • Your earning increases when you upgrade!!

Combination of all this websites will make you to really earn alot from the internet. Share your referal link on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • On your blog
  • And to friends

You can register with the link below:


How to sell your blog post and make money

Writing a blog post is more easier than writing an ebook. Ebook has been d source of making huge sum f money online but so many pple do nt ve time to write ebooks or some find it rather hard, but d fact still remains!!
Bt pple still find writing blog posts easier that writing a book, but do you know you can still convert all those your quality posts to an ebook?

There are sites that help you convert all your blog posts to an ebook, now you can now convert all your ideals to an ebook.
N.B: Ur posts must be talking about one thing not just gathering posts that are not in d same category!
After converting , design the book cover and you are good to go!
Just go to , or any other site dat allows u to sell ebooks! Make sure u choose a nice title and cover for your ebook, and sell it at a reasonable price. U can also sell your ebook on ur social network account, to ur friends,e.t.c


Make money with your blog being a publishers

There are company who wants their products to be seen by the world, in order to make their product to be seen they pay money to some advertising company to advertise their product.
The advertising company then give their publishers some html code to post on their website, and pay the publishers according to their hardwork!!

Here are list of some websites that pays you for every click or CPM. You can join one below:


Register on those site and post the code that will be given you on your blog and start to make cool cash today!!
I just registered at bidvertiser today, and i hope to make reasonable money from there.
You can as well promote your own product or an affiliate product!!!

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting goods for people and earn commision.

  • For example, if a goods is sold at $100 and you successfully sells it, you are going to earn according to the percentage of the commision placed by the company. If it is 30%, you will earn $30 when you sell 1 piece of the product via the link that will be provided.

You can promote those links on your blog, twitter and facebook accounts. All we need is traffic!!

  • Don’t look at how much you will earn before choosing a product but look at the quality of the product you want to promote and how many people are in need of it!!
  • Make show the product you are about to choose match your the topic of your blog.

Example of affiliate marketing sites are listed below:


There are tons of affiliating companies out there, start to earn 2day ! !