2017: Top 5 Sites That Pays You To Write

If i must tell you my main source of making money online, i will tell you that it is through writing. Many paid to post sites has come into existence but some also has gone into extinction because of some certain reasons.
So today i will be listing the top 5 websites you could get paid to write in 2016. They are very popular but i will be listing them in the order of their importance.

(1) Blogjob.com: This is an online community that was launched some few years ago and have rapidly increased in numbers. You must be surprised why blogjob should come first, it’s because it has more benefits that any other existing paid to post site.
It gathers almost all the features of any ptp site existing, and let’s take a look at it’s features:

  • You could get paid per visit with the help of pay-per-impression publishing platforms.
  • You can make money via amazon program and keep 100% of the money to yourself.
  • You can make money via google adsense, and you don’t have to share your hard earn money with anyone.
  • Blogjob also gives you 50 points for every blog post which can be converted into real cash.
  • Do you know any other means to make money from a real blog? You can implement it here on blogjob because @sheridan gives you a free personal blog to blog anything you want to blog about.

With all this you must have seen why blogjob.com deserves the number 1.

(2) iWriter.com: This is a freelancing site where writing jobs are advertised, and you can make upto $50 a day just with iwriter and one thing i like with them is that you can choose a minimum payout that suits you.

(3) Hubpages: With Huapages you can make money right from your laptop. You just have to write, place ads or aff-links between your post and make money. Though you have to share the money with Hubpages.

(4) Listverse.com: This is a company that pays you to write for them. They pay about $100 for each post but the disadvantage is that you can’t be sure weither your article is going to be accepted or not.

(5) Others: Other websites you might want to consider are: dailytwocents, personapaper, and the rest.

Do you have any sites that have not been listed? You can doso in the comment box.

HOW-TO Create Your Own Webhost and make a steady flow of money!

Over the past few decades the number of sites on the internet has increased rapidly.
And almost all the sites on the internet are hosted on some web hosting company; hosted or free.
Because of this increase many new hosting company has sprung up from different angles and have taken hold of this great opportunity.
Why don’t you also take hold of this opportunity while it lasts.
Now i will be showing you some simple steps to take in order to create your own web hosting site and earn alot of money!.

You can follow the steps below:

  • Register a new domain name or get one free at https://www.dot.ml
  • Set the nameservers to ns1.byet.org
    ns4.byet.org .
  • Go to www.myownfreehost.net and signup.
  • Fill in your domain name and email address.
  • Your web host details will be sent to you within 24 hours and your web host is ready for use.

You might be surprise about how to earn money from your webhost, i will show you the steps below.
Here are the best ways to make money from your webhost without any stress:

  • Placing Ads: You can always place your own advertisement code on all the sites registered under you.
  • You can earn money from your webhost when someone upgrade to a premium plan or buys a domain.
  • You can also make money by pasting affiliate products on your users site.

One of the best thing i like about it is that you always earn money even when you don’t have to work for it always.
You can always tell your friends about it. Take a look at the one i created www.hostitfree.ml , it is such a wonderful site.
You can always invent new ways of making money from your hosting site. I even registered a new blog under my webhost and i could get even all the features those paid webhost always provide.
What are you waiting for? Start it Now!. Was this post helpful? or do you have any questions? You can always use the free comment box below.

Fast track review of iWriter: How to make about $50 a day

Freelancing has become one of the most popular way of making money online over the past few years now. People have also taken it as their source of earning a living.
One of the best and most popular branch of freelancing is writing. Many people who do not have those programming skills have opt-in for writing.
Since then many sites have come to live, some are legit and while the other are fraud-like. One of this legit site is called iWriter and i will be giving a “fast track” review of it, and you will also learn how to get approved by them.
Before we proceed we should know what this iWriter is and how it works. iWriter is a freelancing site where users are paid cash to write articles for client, these clients choose the best article that best suit them and this calls for lot of competitions.
There are always plenty of projects available on the site and that is why you don’t have to wait for days before you start to earn. In fact you can earn upto $50 a day on this unique site, just pick a nice topic and write professionally and you get paid when it is approved.
There are different levels on this site, which are: standard, premium and elite. Your payment increases as you walk through those levels and it will gain you recognition.
Now here are the steps to get started on iWriter:

  • Go to www.iwriter.com
  • Click on write content and register
  • After you are through with your sign up, click on write content again.
  • Choose a topic for a standard level.
  • Read instructions and click on write article and pass the 3 stages of the quiz that will be given to you.
  • You are good to go and you can always get a fast track of your articles on your dashboard.

You can write as much as you want and you will get paid as soon as it is approved by the client on iwriter.
Now you don’t have to wait for days to write and article, get paid each day as you write on iwrite. It is super easy, fast and cashy!

iwriter paid review fast
Make money online with iwriter – Earn between $1k – $10k a month on iwriter

How to make $100 daily from youtube!

Youtube.com is one of the most popular place where you can watch video online for free. This website has been bought by Google and it has increased it’s traffic to about 1 billion unique visitors a day. Many people has turned this site to their money making machine, with which they normally make up to $100 a day. Imagine if you earn this amount everyday for 30 days, you will get $3000!! It’s super cooool!

To make money from youtube is super easy and fun because you can create your video yourself!. The secret of making money from youtube are always found in this steps:
Get subscribers >> Create videos >> Monetize it >> Make money.

Getting subscribers is one of the hardest step in making money from youtube, that is why many people have looked for different means of getting subscribers. There are always two type of subscribers:

  • Unatural: This is a type of subscriber that is forced to subscribe in order to get a reward.
  • Natural: This is a type of subscriber that subscribe to a particular youtube channel because of his/her interest.
    After so many investigations, it has been discovered that people with natural subscribers tends to earn more than those of unatural subscribers. Gaining natural subscriber is not easy but it can be achieved through hardwork, it is gained when people watch your videos and find it interesting. You must try to create good videos and advertise it to gain subscribers.

    After getting enough subscribers you can now monetized your videos, either by placing ads or through affiliate marketing.

    One of those youtube experts by name Tayo Mike teaches us how to make $100 daily from youtube, i would recommend this book to everyone who wants to make huge amount of money from youtube.

    If you have never made a dime before online, this book is for you. Mike teaches us how to get natural subscribers and also how to monetize it!. This guide will teach you how to start to generate a steady income from youtube.
    This is a pure how-to book for you, you don’t have to get confused when you start to praticalize those magical steps in that book, you can get it below:

    Make sure you always remember those four steps i gave earlier and you will see yourself earning $5000+ a month!!

How-to turn your ideas into real cash!

Most of us have an idea but we don’t know how to turn those ideas into it’s monetary equivalent. Before we move further, let’s see what an idea is: According to oxford dictionary; “idea is a plan,thought or suggestion”. knowledge as power.

But Napoloen Hill said that knowledge is only potential power except being made use of with ideas. Those power we get from knowledge mixed with idea can be in form of money. Today we will be learning practical steps to acquire those wealth with our ideas knowledge through the internet!

To process our idea to money we will need few things:

  • Idea: You must have an idea that will benefit others, Sheridan had an idea before he created blogjob. You also must have an idea like that of the owners of fiverr.com, hubpages.com, facebook.com, e.t.c.
  • Burning desire: You must have a desire that can break every bonds. This burning desire is enough to give you the necessary capital, faith, decision and other qualities that can turn your ideas into it’s money equivalent’s.


    • Write down your ideas and how it can help humanity.
    • Raise the enough capital.
    • Look for labour. If your project needs a programmer, you can always find many around you. There is no labour that is out of reach.
    • Explain your master plan to him and let him work on it immediately.
    • After finishing your projects, don’t be afraid to publicize your projects.

    Don’t be afraid to start because:

    • World leading internet gurus started like this.
    • They all started like this.
    • The secret of success is this: ” every success of a man comes with an idea “

    I got all this idea from Napoloen Hill book titled : “THINK AND GROW RICH ” . You can always make a fortune with this book, i recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve great success in life. You can download it here: www.ebooksoneverything.com/wealth/ThinkandGrowRich.pdf