How to add BlogJob referral code to share in Twitter?

How to add BlogJob referral code to share in Twitter?
How to add BlogJob referral code to share in Twitter?

I wrote a post on how to add social icons to our posts by activating Super Socializer plugin. If we would like to take the advantage of sharing our referral link so we can earn points from referring visitors, we might need to do some work manually.


I used to learn a method to set the permalink with our referral code added, but according to admin, it’s not a good way to do so and the permalink option has been removed. Admin is working on something that allows us to share our posts with referral code automatically, but meanwhile, we just need to do some work manually on our own.


I thought it should be quite easy to just copy and paste our referral code into the link, it actually still took me some time to figure out how to do so. Hence, I am thinking of writing this simple guide, perhaps it’d be helpful to some friends. Please also let me know if there is simpler way to do so.

How to get your post URL with referral code?

1. Get your post URL. e.g.

2. Go to your BlogJob profile, you will find your referral link there, mine is

3. Add the part “?ref=kaka135” to the back of your post URL, i.e.

This will be the URL you’ll be sharing to others, and when visitors click on it, you’ll earn a point for referring visitor.


1. Login to your Twitter account.
2.Click on the Tweet button at the top right corner.

(Screenshot from Twitter) Tweet

3.The Compose new Tweet dialog will appear, and there you can enter your comment and also sharing URL. Here, you can also add a picture manually by clicking on the camera icon.

(Screenshot from Twitter) Compose new Tweet

Twitter seems to be quite easy to share, even though manually. I am going to write about Pinterest and Google+ soon.


You are welcomed to follow me on Twitter, so we can share and read more good posts from each other.


If you are interested in joining BlogJob, you can read more about the site here:

How to add social icons to our posts?

‘”Social media” image by Ibrahim.ID, from Wikimedia Commons

It is advisable to share our posts in BlogJob to social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and others. Sharing to others does not only attract more traffic to our sites, it also helps to increase the ad revenue.

To make it easier to share out posts, we can activate the Super Socializer plugin that is already installed in BlogJob. Once this plugin is activated, a group of social icons will be displayed on each post, so either the visitors or ourselves can easily click on the icons to share the post.

Follow these steps to activate the Super Socializer plugin:

1. Login to BlogJob.

2. Visit the site that you would like to activate the plugin.

3. Go to the Dashboard of the site, click on Plugins on the left pane and a list of installed plugins will be displayed.

Screenshot from BlogJob.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list, and you will find Super Socializer. Click on the Activate link to activate this plugin.

5. After you have successfully activated the plugin, you will see the Super Socializer option appear on the left pane.

Screenshot from BlogJob

6. You can click on it to change the settings for the plugin, or just leave it as the default settings.

7. Go to one of the posts on your site, and you will see a list of share icons appear on top of your post.

Screenshot from BlogJob

Now you can start clicking on the share icons to share them on the social media sites that you have signed up.

Some social media sites might require a picture to be added to our posts, such as Pinterest, hence it is recommended to add at least a picture to our post. The picture will also make our post sharing more attractive to the visitors too.


Have you added social buttons to your sites?

About my online adventure

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I actually started my online adventure about 20 years ago. I remember having bought my first personal computer and registered to a dial-up line when I just started my studies in college. Since then, I have been attracted to the online world, though the Internet speed was as slow as a tortoise and there were not so much interesting information online, I still enjoyed spending time online.


Fast forward to 20 years later. I started this site not to talk about the history of my online adventure, but actually to share about my present and future adventure. When I was writing my blog post yesterday – BlogJob = Free Webmaster Course, I realized that I will be learning a lot about webmaster or blogging skills from BlogJob. I think it’d be better for me to create a new site to share these information, instead of writing them in my personal blog, kaka’s dreamland. This is how I started this site.


Since I am a newbie in BlogJob, I am still learning how to work here. While I am learning, I would also like to share with others and might also get some advice too. As a forgetful person, I always like to write down some simple tutorials, so they might be good for future reference as well.


As a freelance web designer and developer, I am always happy to learn and explore more about web design and development, social marketing and other webmaster’s information. I wish I can also share these information with my friends.


Besides these, I always like to share the making money online opportunities with my friends as well. I think these opportunities are really attractive, especially for work-from-home moms like me. Though I do not make big money online, I am happy to share with others about the sites I enjoy too.


Next, I’d like to figure out how I can move some posts I wrote in my personal blog to this site. I wonder if I’d be able to do so.