It’s Monday!!!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I dread Mondays!!  First off, it’s the first day after the weekend, when you most generally don’t have to work.  Mondays are the days where if anything is going to go wrong, it’s going to happen on Mondays!!!  This Monday is NO exception! 😉  Wake up and get breakfast ready for the hubby.  My allergies are really acting eyes are as if I’m crying and my nose is running!!!  

Made a chili omelet for the hubby, will it turned out like scrambled eggs!!  He’s NOT in a good mood because it’s still cold and he has a sore nose from it running when he’s on the mower at work and breathing in the cold air.  Besides the eggs not coming out right, I burnt the toast!!  Then I was getting his lunch ready and he’s on the computer and wanting me to look at something, and I was trying to hurry and I was not remembering what I was doing.  Of course when my hubby isn’t in a good mood, then I’m NOT in a good mood!!

Hubby is running late in getting to work, even though he really doesn’t have a set time to be to work.  With all the allergy medication, I have been taking and maybe with the beans we had in the chili, I’ve been going to the bathroom a lot.  Also, my allergies are draining done my throat, so my throat gets dry and I gag, so have to have some water to drink.

Thought about going back to bed, but just thought I’d hit myself in the head as I’m trying to pull the covers up!! lol  So, decided to start my day early on the computer…well, it seems like it’s running as slow as a turtle!!!  But then I heard a story on the news about a 99 year old great grandma getting a letter from a hospital about her taking prenatal classes!!  Yeah, now that lady has had a worse Monday than I have had!! lol  To read about it go here



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Sleepless Nights…

Apparently my allergies are taking a toll on me!! lol  I have been feeling like I have no energy.  When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are some what swollen and I have a time seeing things upon waking up.  I sneeze a lot.  So, I finally figured it out that my allergies are in full bloom as well as the currant tree and the lilac bushes all around me!!  So, once I figured oh, my allergies must be the problem, I took some allergy pills.  I’m one of those people that if I take any kind of medication that says “may” cause drowsiness…it WILL!!  So, one day I took an allergy pill and slept pretty much all day.  Then I decided, yeah, for me I should only take half an allergy pill.  Ever since then I haven’t been sleeping at nights.  That is definitely NOT me, when I’m tired I will go to bed and the minute my head hits the pillow, I’m asleep!!

The last couple of nights however, have been different.  When I go to bed, I toss and turn and no sleep.  If I do sleep it’s only for an hour like last night.  Last night I went to bed and slept for about an hour and was up until 2 a.m.!  I still was tossing and turning, then I think when I finally get to sleep, it’s time to wake up!!

After got the hubby off to work, I decided I would try to lay down and get some rest.  I still tossed and turned!!  So needless to say, I’m still awake and am tired!!  Some times I go through this, I can’t sleep no matter how tired I am.  I think I’m so tired that I can’t even sleep.  I definitely hate that feeling!!

Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t sleep?



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My Get Up and Go…

Today is “One Of Those Days” where my get up and go, got up and left without me!!  I don’t know what the problem is.  Last night, though, I didn’t sleep to good.  I’m one of those people when I’m tired and I go to bed, the minute my head hits the pillow I’m asleep.  I do remember waking up at about 8:30 a.m. and having to go to the bathroom.  I was still feeling tired, so I thought I would just lay down for a while, because I have to feed the chickens.  The next thing I know I’m waking up and almost 11 a.m.!

I’ve been getting things done but it’s taking me forever to do it though!!  I’ve got my water jug by me to drink but that doesn’t seem to be giving me that much energy.  Maybe it’s my allergies as all the flowers and bushes are budding out.  I sneezed like 6 times in a row!  Or it could be I’m recouping from all the mowing I did the other day.  Whatever the reason, I wish I would get some energy.  I need to clean house!!

I’m not the only one though in our house that is slow in getting motivated.  My husband is having a hard time as well.  I also thought maybe because the heat gets o me, that might be why I’m dragging, but then again I have hot flashes!!  The hubby said that he was even breaking a sweat as well.  (Usually I’m the hot blooded one! 😉  

Hopefully tomorrow we will have energy to do things.  Or we’ll have the energy and just NOT want to do anything!! lol  Anyway, I best go finish the dishes and start making supper.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and is more productive that what I am today!!  I am trying to keep on my schedule of writing 3 posts a day here 😉



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Common Courtesy…

It seems that some people lack common courtesy anymore!!  It’s not always the younger generation either, the older generation aren’t using common courtesy either.  I’ll give you some examples of what I consider common courtesy. 

I try to use common courtesy, such as if I’m not going to do something, I will say I can’t or won’t.  If I say I’m going to do something, I will be specific of when I will do it and follow through and do it.  If I’m going to be late, I will tell you.  If I don’t know exactly when I will do something, I’ll tell you ahead of time, so that you will know, just in case you have other plans.  Or when I say I will do something I will do it, I won’t get bored of doing it and then one day decide NOT to do it.

To me, all those examples above are just common courtesy.  However, there are people who don’t use common courtesy.  I guess when they say they will do something, it means that if they’re including me or “volunteering” me to help, it doesn’t matter what I have planned!!  Or if they decide just suddenly NOT to do something, who will do it?  Why did you start doing something if you don’t follow through with it?  I mean if you got bored or don’t feel like doing whatever it is, at least you can ask me to do it or ask for help in doing it.  Then there are times when people will just “assume” you will do something,  so you “have to” because you know they won’t!!

Yeah, it’s “One of Those Days” when people say they’re going to do something…they said they were doing it in the morning.  I consider morning as a.m.  Then it turns out they’re “morning” is 2 o’clock in the afternoon!!!  Well, I would have helped them if it would have been in the “morning” NOT in the afternoon!!  Then in the afternoon, they decide they don’t want to do it anyway!!  So, if I was waiting around to do whatever they wanted to do, I would have wasted my whole day!!!  No one asked me when I wanted to do it, but yet I have to quit what I’m doing because they decide their time is more important than mine???


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Never Good Enough…

This is “One Of These Days” where I need to rant…  My MIL lives next door, literally.  She is one of those people that are always in competition with her children and even me.  When I do something I want to do it because I like to do it or want to do it.  For example all the yard work I’ve done on this place.  She has a front yard that she keeps up and that’s it.  Granted, she’s 75 years old, but my mom is 81 and keeps her whole yard weed free, even if it means getting on her hands and knees to get the weeds out.

We have chickens and for the last year I’ve been feeding them, she “had” been doing it and then all of a sudden she got tired of feeding them.  If you’re going to have animals you have to feed them ALL the time.  In the last 6 months or so, that I’ve been feeding the chickens I’ve been fermenting their food.  I ferment their  food and was doing research about fermenting the chicken’s feed.  After I started doing this, the chicken feed lasted longer and the chickens were laying more eggs.  The MIL stated on several occasions that she WAS NOT fermenting their food for them.  Well, since we were gone for a week, she went through a bag of feed, but she’s fermenting the feed with beer and food that she gets from “volunteering” at our local store that are wilted and the store can’t sell.  Oh, now EVERYONE should be so happy that she’s fermenting!!  Even though I had been doing it for about 6 months, “she” wasn’t going to do it!!  But now that “she'” doing it….that’s the way it should be done!!!!

I guess I just “know” her and it makes me angry, that she is always in competition with people.  Or when I mention something, it’s NOT a good idea, but when she mentions what I’ve already suggested, it’s the BEST way to do it.  Of course, my husband will be telling me all this stuff like it’s the GREATEST, but yet when I do or suggest it…I get no approval, which leads to blow ups with me!! 😉

I know it shouldn’t bother me, and that’s another thing…she does things to get to me!!


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Just Haven’t Been Into It…

Today has been one of those days, that I haven’t done hardly anything and just don’t care whether I do anything or not!! lol  A lot has to do with the weather today, we were suppose to have gotten snow this weekend, but NO we just got the cold weather and wind.  The wind makes it even colder!!  So today, I’ve been inside trying to stay warm, which for me I usually I’m warm blooded, but the wind makes it colder.

As usual, I’ve been trying to keep up with all my sites that I’m on to make some extra money.  It seems like it is taking forever to get it though.  So when I’m not seeing any progress (which thanks to @grecy095, I keep like a journal of my sites)  I can see that my “banks” are not moving.  In fact, on one site I haven’t had any work to do on it for a couple days! 😉  Another site I only make about 3 cents a day! 🙁

Of course, I’m also waiting to hear back from the job interview I had.  Then today I “joined” another site to make extra money and I  did the “test” and now have to wait a week or so to see if I passed the test, even though it stated as I was doing the test, there are no right or wrong answers!!  Too bad you can’t get paid for applying and/or waiting!!  Wow!!  If that was the case, if you could get paid for applying/filling out applications/doing samples and waiting…I would be reach!! lol

I know every thing will work out and that I’ve got to be patient, but some times it “seems” like it takes so long for things to happen the way one might want them to happen!!  Maybe that is my problem…God has other things/plans in store for me.

Do you ever have “One of Those Days” when things don’t go as you think they should go…like you’re wasting your time?



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It’s Taken Control Over Me…

I have a tendency to be prone to panic attacks.  I over analyze things and then worry about the outcome.  Most of the time I have no control over the outcome.  Since I’ve been married I really haven’t had any bad attacks.  My husband has the attitude whatever will be will be!

Yesterday however, was one of those days when I felt overwhelmed!!  Some charges had been taken out of my PayPal account that I did NOT authorize!!  Now, I work on-line to make some extra money.  When you get that extra money and some one takes it from you…it’s as if you’re working for free!!  Then I see these people that rob from people, are getting a check every month because they’re disabled because they fried their brains on drugs…..

I realize that no one said life was fair, but dang! give me a break!!  If you have a PayPal account, you know now that they have changed their way of disputing a claim.  You now have to send a “dispute form” to the company.  You just can’t do it through PayPal’s a mess!!  I just feel helpless and mad to think that some one can just rip you off, but when you want to “dispute” your claim, you have to do all this stuff.  So I decided to email the company itself.  The company says to log into “my” account to do follow up.  Um, I didn’t order your product so how can I have an account with you to log in to?

Then on top of it, I’ve got an earache and toothache that I’m dealing with.  Of course with this affordable healthcare, we don’t even qualify because we don’t make enough money!!  The state that we live in is the only state that doesn’t have medicaid/medicare to pick up if you don’t make enough to qualify!  But we re did our figuring and we do qualify for only doctor prescriptions, etc….  so more overwhelming stuff I’m having to deal with!!

But I’ve learned to turn TO my faith instead of AWAY from it when I am too overwhelmed.  I don’t doubt why is this happening to me, I turn it over to God to help me figure things out and to calm me down and to give me patience!



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Yesterday was a cold, dreary day and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I just laid around and other than doing dishes and cooking…I did nothing!! In fact I even took a 2 hour nap!!!  Sometimes, I’ll take a 10-15 minute “power” nap, but not 2 hours unless I’m sick!!  But I’ve noticed for about 10 years (maybe even more) that in the winter months, I just keep to myself and get depressed.  Not depressed to want to hurt myself, depressed that I just am sad.

When I was younger I was depressed, but now that I have gotten older and with the help of people, I don’t get depressed to where I want to hurt myself.  For about the last 20 years or so, it seems like this “depression” only happens in the winter months!  Then I did some research and found out that maybe I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder.)  When I first started only getting depressed in the winter months, was when I got divorced.  Our anniversary was in December.  I just thought I was sad thinking back that our marriage didn’t work and it was always harder around our anniversary.  But we got remarried, and married on the same day we did before.   Then I realized, well I can’t be depressed because of a marriage not working out.

When I went on the road with my husband during the “winter” months, I didn’t have it.  Thinking about it now, when we were travelling, we traveled where the weather was sunny.  So, maybe I do have SAD and it only occurs during the winter months when the days are shorter and there isn’t much sunlight.  During the summer I’m fine!!  I love summer time, not because it gets hot, because the sun is always shining (for the most part.)

Do you suffer from SAD?  I’m just glad that today the sun is shining! 😉


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I Get This Feeling…

It’s hard to explain, but some times I get this feeling in me that something is going to happen.  Like today I was doing some microworker tasks and was getting quite a few done.  Of course I was feeling good about that! 😉  Then I had this feeling that something was going to happen.  Now usually when I get these feelings, I don’t know if whatever is going to happen is going to be good or bad.  I knew though since I was getting tasks done, I was hoping it had to deal with money, but yet that feeling continued.

Well, there was some good and bad today.  My husband talked to his supervisor and he will be making $12.50 an hour instead of $8.50 an hour!!  Then I went to check my PayPal and there was money taken out of it that was unauthorized and I’m being sued for a medical bill!

Some times when I get “this” feeling some thing bad happens like gun shootings or natural disasters that have killed a lot of people.  I, sometimes hate it when I get “those” feelings especially when I don’t know if they are good or bad.  My sister has this “sense” even worse than I do because she can actually see what is going on in her dreams.  I wouldn’t mind if I could always “sense” good things, but I can’t, I never can tell if those feelings are going to be good or bad.  I definitely wouldn’t want to have this happen all the time, especially if you see death in your dreams.

Can you sense when something is going to happen before it actually happens?  I wish I could tune myself into if it is bad or good, because when you suffer anxiety, it’s not good not knowing what the feeling may be.  All, I can do is hope it is good!!


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Annoying Barking Dog

The neighbors dog is continually barking!!  It is getting on my ever loving nerves!  We have a dog, but she is trained only to bark when some one/some thing is invading her/our privacy.  She will some times bark because the neighbor is barking, but only if there is something to bark about!

Having a pet takes responsibility!!  It’s like taking care of a child…when you’re training it, one has to be consistent.  Also, when a dog is barking for no apparent reason, one should either determine there is a “real” reason to bark, or if the dog is just barking for attention.  Once this is decided upon, you will have to follow through with it.  When our dog barks for a reason, such as some one is here, she is rewarded.  If she just barks for no apparent reason, we assure her that things are o.k.

I remember when we lived in the city, and in the winter time people would leave their dogs chained up outside all the time.  Of course when it was cold, the poor dogs would be barking.  I turned the people in several times, but the “owners” would always be gone.  So if you’re an owner of a dog, it’s a lot of responsibility!  Like a child, when you’re pet is verbal it needs your attention.  Animals/pets aren’t just animals that can be chained up and left outside.  If you can’t/don’t take care of your pet, maybe you should find some one who can!

How do you deal with some one who lets their dog bark all the time?  Usually it’s not the dog’s fault, the owner is the person that should be taking care of their animals.  Just like with a child, a dog doesn’t pick their owner!  Be responsible if you’re a pet owner.  (Some times the animal is smarter than the owner! 😉 )


Picture is mine of our dog, Pandora!