The Doritocracy

The Reviewers Prayer
The Doritocracy is a term used to describe the corporate state of video game journalism.

One of the biggest problems is that a lot of the people reporting on the news at bigger sites don’t actually have the gamers’ interest in mind when they do so. It’s all about getting things done and keeping the higher-ups pleased. Heck, even yours truly is guilty of falling into this trap, hence the whole purpose of this site.

Instead of relying on review scores to keep publishers happy, or keeping posts, news, reviews, previews and content “politically correct” in order to please people who become plumber’s-crack-chaffed at the slightest mention of something they don’t agree with, this site follows in the trend of other notable entities within the gaming industry providing unparalleled and unrivaled content to the community; these notable figures include the likes of Angry Joe, Jim Sterling and reputable tell-it-like-it-is pundits such as Alpha Omega Sin.

There are no soft punts, no holding back, no shortcuts and no Doritocratic measures to keep the publishers happy and the gamers disgruntled.

The gaming community has spoken and they have spoken loudly: they want someone to deliver gaming news without a corporate agenda and without all the misinformed BS that has circulated the gaming media for far too long.

It’s time to join other gamers in rebelling against the machine, and you’re going to find that there’s nothing held back here when you’re getting your news from one angry gamer.  And if you don’t like it? Well, there’s only one thing left to say…



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