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Nioh Gains A 50 Minute Gamplay Video And A Playable Alpha Demo

The Dark Souls-like game from Team Ninja, Nioh, introduces the same atmosphere of exploring desolated places in an apocalyptic setting,…

Nioh’s Playable Alpha Demo Set To Come Out This Month For PS4

Those looking for an Onimusha replacement might be able to find one in Team Ninja’s upcoming samurai adventure game, Nioh….

NiOh, Dark Souls And Onimusha-like Game Gets New Walkthrough Video

Fans of games like Dark Souls, especially the third upcoming game, and Onimusha will have something to drool over, which…

Nioh: PS4 Exclusive Combines Bloodborne With Onimusha

During the Tokyo Game Show Koei Tecmo unveiled a new video for the third-person hack-and-slash title called Nioh. It’s a…

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