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Evoke: Pokemon-style RPG game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Developers Havoc Studios has launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for their new adventure RPG, Evoke.

Beholder: Play As A Master Spy In Espionage Point-And-Click Game

Big Brother is watching… developers Warm Lamp Games has taken that concept and has created this point-and-click adventure game, Beholder.

Blackroom From John Romero And Adrian Carmack Lands On Kickstarter

John Romero and Adrian Carmack’s new first-person shooter running on the Unreal Engine 4 called Blackroom has recently landed on…

Stellar Tactics Greenlit In 11 Days; Kickstarter Goes Live April 25th
Stellar Tactics

Maverick Games’ Stellar Tactics managed to get Greenlit for Steam in just under two week’s time. This news comes tag-teamed…

City Of The Shroud Tactical RPG Revisits Legend Of Legaia’s Combat
City of the Shroud

Abyssal Arts have recently announced that their Kickstarter for City of the Shroud has managed to surpass its funding goal….

Quench Tasks Players With Saving An endangered Animal Herd

Graphically, Quench isn’t much to look at with its low polygon count graphics, but I was intrigued by the concept…

Arcadian Atlas Nears Halfway Point On Kickstarter
Arcadian Atlas

Twin Otter Studios’ tactical RPG starring two lovers on the run while their respective nations hinge on the brink of…

Merendam 2: Diary Of Two Shaman Sisters Kickstarter Goes Live
Merendam 2

Erocona’s horror game Merendam 2 was announced recently as a game that was coming to Kickstarter. After prepping gamers for…

Chronicle Of Ruin Seeks To Revive Ogre Battle’s Tactical RPG Gameplay
Chronicle of Ruin

A lot of various trends, genres and sub-genres in gaming have gone dormant over the years. Indie developers have been…

Developers Kilobite Allegedly Scammed Their Followers Out of $40,000 USD And Got Away With It
Maksym Pashanin

This isn’t exactly current news and some of you may have heard about it when it first happened, but I…

Me And My Dinosaur Is A Pleasantly Cute Platform Adventure Game
Me and my dino

Hunter and Rex from Me And My Dinosaur might be the next best boy and his dinosaur combination since Mario…

Healer’s Quest: Hand-Painted Indie RPG Launches Kickstarter Campaign
healers quest 1

Yes, the game really does look like the above image. The entire game is fully animated and hand painted in…

Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure: Point-and-Click Game Seeks Kickstarter Funds
Gibbous 1

I think it is obvious based on the title that Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure, is a Lovecraft style horror…

Earthlings: Retro-style RPG Launches Kickstarter campaign

Earthlings is a new retro-style pixel art RPG developed by Cricri Entertainment. The game’s main protagonist is a young woman named…

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