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Rogue Stormers, Contra-On-Steroids Exits Early Access And Launches On Steam

Black Forest Games officially brought Rogue Stormers out of Early Access and launched the game on Steam. The title is…

Rogue Stormers Full Release Delayed To April 21st

Black Forest Games announced that their procedurally generated, rogue-like side-scrolling shooter, Rogue Stormers, will release on April 21st.

Giana Sisters HD Director’s Cut Arrives On Xbox One, PS4 In December

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on the Xbox One and PS4, you’re…

Giana Sisters 2 Targeting Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 By Early 2016

Here’s a bit of a break from all the completely depressing and downing #GamerGate news (and be warned, there’s more…

DieselStormers Updated With New Weapons, Weapon Customization Features

If there’s one thing hardcore action gamers can’t get enough of, it’s weapon variety… lots and lots of weapon variety….

DieselStormers Launches On Steam’s Early Access

One of the games I was really, really hoping would finish their Kickstarter right proper was Black Forest Games’ DieselStormers….

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