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Summer Catchers Alpha Preview: Pixel-Style, Arcade Endless Runner
summer catchers (2)

Summer Catchers is a cute little light hearted game created by FaceIt, a small team of three developers that have…

Jalopy Car Simulator Let’s You Travel The World And Fix Up Your Car
Jalopy 1

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what it is about Jalopy but something about it looks extremely fun. Excalibur games…

Scapeland Is A Farm Simulator With A Dark Twist

Scapeland is an interesting looking indie Farm simulator game created by 3100 Games, which originally started out as a university…

5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis Video Covers Unlocks, Match Types And Gameplay
5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis

The PS4 version of 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis has launched well under the radar, so much so that the U.S.,…

The Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human Tells A Melancholy Tale
last human 1

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a new 2D pixel art, indie adventure game developed by YCJY Games….

Dujanah, Psychological Adventure Game Seeks Funding On Kickstarter
dujanah 1

Dujanah is a new psychological adventure game created by Jack King-Spooner, that is seeking to reach his goal of $8,549…

VainGlory Mobile MOBA Preview
vainglory 1

VainGlory is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game similar to League of Legends and the DOTA series, published and…

Snow Horse Snowboarding Receives New Announcement Trailer
Snow Horse

Well, it is officially becoming a real game. It all started several months ago when developer Christopher Figueroa (who goes by…

WarBirds Dogfights 2016 Flight Sim Comes To Steam
warbirds 1

WarBirds is a action arcade flight simulator developed by iEntertainment Network, that was just recently launched on Steam on January…

Quantum Lock Sees Players Battling In Anti-Virus Arena Deathmatches
quantum lock 1

Quantum Lock is an indie game developed by Fat Bomb Studios that first came out back on December 14th 2015.

Master Of Orion, 4X Strategy Game Planned For 2016 Release

Master Of Orion originally came out back in 1993 as a 4x science fiction strategy game. Now, developers NGD Studios…

Dinocide Preview: Retro Indie-Platform Adventure Game
dinocide 1

Dinocide is developed by AtomicTorch Studio, you play as a caveman that goes on a grand adventure with his pet…

Black Desert Online Sorceress Beta Video Previews Mini-Games And Combat
Black Desert Online

The non-targeting, MMO game from Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications called Black Desert Online has been undergoing closed beta testing…

Qasir Al-Wasat Preview: Stealth-Action Adventure Game
al wasat 1

Qasir al-Wasat is an interesting game that reminds me a lot of the original Legend Of Zelda games combined with…

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