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Nintendo NX Launching March, 2017; Legend of Zelda Delayed To 2017
Nintendo NX

In a recent filing of their most recent fiscal year, Nintendo has revealed that the Nintendo NX won’t launch until…

Nintendo Had Atlus Localize Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Instead Of Treehouse
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Nintendo opted to put the localization efforts for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE into the hands of Atlus USA instead of…

Watch The Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins Short Film
Star Fox Zero

Nintendo released a new short film in collaboration with Wit Studio ahead of the release of Star Fox Zero this…

Kotaku Defends Why They Incited Harassment Against Nintendo

In a recent piece published on Kotaku on April 15th, 2016, writer Patrick Klepek attempts to defend his previous coverage…

Weekly Recap April 16th: Nintendo’s Escort Woes And Blizzard Kills Nostalrius
Weekly Recap

It seems like each and every week is composed of some of the most tawdry, outlandish and bizarre stories imaginable…

Bravely Second: End Layer Now Available In North America
Bravely Second: End Layer

After being available in Japan since last April in 2015, Bravely Second: End Layer has finally made its way to…

Atlus Announces Western Release Date For Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

3DS fans in the west will finally be able to experience Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, or Final, with its…

Media Attacks Nintendo For Firing Rep Who May Have Worked As An Escort

Nintendo has been known within the electronics industry as the “Disney of video games”. They occasionally have some mature-themed games…

80’s Overdrive Set To Land On Nintendo 3DS This Fall
80's Overdrive

Insane Code is working on a retro racing game called 80’s Overdrive, it’s another retro-themed racing title set to take…

Star Fox Zero Trailer Shows Amiibo Support, Guard Customization
Star Fox Zero

Nintendo released a new trailer for the upcoming space-blaster, Star Fox Zero. It features a lot of what we already…

Mighty No. 9’s Incessant Delays Appear To Have Backers On Edge
Mighty No. 9

Anyone excited to play Might No. 9 has been met with one delay after the next. Last year Keiji Inafune…

Weekly Recap April 2nd: Blizzard Caves To Censorship And Gaming Media Lies
Weekly Recap

Just like with #GamerGate back in 2014, we’ve seen a barrage of corrupt media outlets taking news information and spinning…

Playboy, Kotaku Misreport On Nintendo Firing Employee
Allison Rapp

Patrick Klepek and Michael Rougeau are former members of the Game Journo Pros [Disclosure: I am also a former member]….

Weekly Recap March 26th: Pornhub Goes VR While Driveclub’s Devs Shutdown
Weekly Recap

This was a very laid back week in gaming other than a few big stories that rocked the gaming community….

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