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Lost In Harmony Free Chapters Available With 1.3 Update
Lost in Harmony

A new “lite” version of Lost in Harmony is currently available for the music-rhythm adventure game from DigiXart Entertainment. The…

Romancing Saga 2 For Mobile Devices Gains English Trailer And More
Romancing Saga 2 mobile 1

Mobile fans that fancy the SaGa series will now be able to take Romancing Saga 2 for a spin on…

Special Tactics, SWAT Turn-Based Shooter Now Available On Early Access
Special Tactics 1

Turn-based SWAT shooter game, Special Tactics, by Beast Mode Games is now available to play on Steam Early Access. The…

Heroes Of Skyrealm, Strategy-RPG Game Set For Summer Release
Heroes of Skyrealm

Mechanist Games’ Heroes of Skyrealm took me by surprise. The 3D, hybrid, strategy based, action-RPG is a fantastic looking mix…

The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG Beta Sign-Ups Are Live
The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Want to play an Elder Scrolls’ rendition of Hearthstone without the nude mods, emote abusers, and sore losers? Well, you…

Loud On Planet X Lands On PC, PS4 But Lacks Proper Controls
Loud On Planet X

The hipster, music-rhythm game Loud on Planet X has arrived on PC and PlayStation 4 recently from indie developers Pop…

Merendam 2: Diary Of Two Shaman Sisters Kickstarter Goes Live
Merendam 2

Erocona’s horror game Merendam 2 was announced recently as a game that was coming to Kickstarter. After prepping gamers for…

Merendam 2: Diary Of Two Shaman Sisters Kickstarter Coming Soon
Merendam 2

An upcoming game called Merendam 2: Diary of Two Shaman Sisters is scheduled to enter into a crowd-funding phase on…

The Sandbox 2 gives players God-like powers to build their own worlds
the sandbox 2

Developers Pixowl originally created the first game The Sandbox, back in 2012 as an iOS title. Now they’re back and…

Muddy Heights 2 Requires Players To Poop On People From High Up
muddy heights 2

I know, I know what you are probably thinking. But this is Steam Greenlight, so are you really surprised that…

MomoCon 2016 Indie Game Award Finalists Announced
Layers of Fear

With all of the allegations of corruption surrounding the IGF and IndieCade, some new conventions have begun to take the…

Report Shows Gamers Really Hate In-App Microtransactions

To absolutely no one’s surprise (but maybe EA, Activision and Ubisoft) it turns out that gamers really hate in-app purchases,…

Steampunk Syndicate- RTS Tower Defense looking for Greenlight approval
steampunk 1

Steampunk Syndicate is a new indie game that focuses on real time strategy and protecting your base using tower defenses.

Antiflux Is An Oldschool-Style Puzzle Platformer

At first glance I wasn’t very impressed with what I saw with the Antiflux trailer, a new game developed by…

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