Update Your Bookmarks… We’ve Moved

So you might have noticed a slowdown in content around here… that’s because things are now up and running at the original OneAngryGamer.net domain.

If you have the homepage bookmarked, you might want to update it. We’ve picked up some content and shuffled it over to the main One Angry Gamer website. Some of you might already have the proper bookmarks in place since the main domain is plastered all over the Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.

So what exactly changes? Well, nothing. As a visitor it’s the same thing just at a different domain. If you’ve come here from a search engine or looking at some other content, you’ll still be able to check stuff out here on the old site. A lot of the content will stay in place here so that people won’t have any trouble finding archived links or keeping record of certain topics.

The biggest worry was that a lot of the #GamerGate content and articles pertaining to the Game Journo Pros would be lost in a domain transfer. It’s sad but this is one of the only sites that has certain #GamerGate and GJP articles on hand and there are quite a few third party sites linking into OAG for that content. So those articles will be left alone so that the referrers aren’t disrupted with a 404 error.

However, all new #GamerGate and GJP articles will be on the OneAngryGamer.net domain. So you will have to update your RSS feeds or your bookmarks if you want to keep up with the new content.

We’ll get back to outputting a lot more content on a daily basis and keeping up to par with the kind of stuff that gave us a really rocking February and March.

The new domain is alive and well and being updated regularly. So strap in, kick back and relax, assuming you don’t mind gaming news delivered to you without remorse.


OAG staff consists of writers creating content about video game and digital culture.

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5 thoughts on “Update Your Bookmarks… We’ve Moved

    1. Ha, sorry about that. One article began going viral on Facebook while at the same time Google decided to feature another article on the front page.


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