Thunder Gun: Revenge of the Mutants, Arcade Shooter Now On Steam Greenlight

Rotten Tater is the developer behind this platform arcade shooter. The objective is to survive wave after wave of alien mutant creatures that are out to kill you. Your main defense? A powerful Thunder Gun that shoots out arcs of lightning.

Thunder Gun has a simple concept, it is a platform shooter where you aim your shots with the mouse, use the keyboard to move, and jump and shoot to rack up score and kill hoards of enemies. The Thunder Gun shoots off a chained-lightning bolt, allowing you to combo your shots to take down multiple enemies at once, racking up a devastating kill count with just a few blasts from your Thunder Gun.

Thunder Gun2

Thunder Gun also has a few classic shooter elements, such as rocket jumping. If you aim your gun below you while jumping into the air, the force from the powerful blast will launch you up into the sky and blast you across the screen. You can use the rocket jump tactic either to help give you a speed boost to move across the stage faster, or to jump upwards to reach higher platforms that are just out of reach.

Thunder Gun will also has weather effects, so it sounds like you won’t be able to make use of the weapon while it’s raining, and instead you’ll have to rely on your sidearm to survive the hoard of monsters.

The thunder gun in Thunder Gun isn’t the only weapon you will have to combat your enemies, the game will have multiple weapons, as well as several different costumes, characters, and perks that you can unlock by leveling up your character. Developer Rotten Tater uploaded a YouTube trailer showcasing the gameplay, so you can check it out in the video that I linked down below.

Thunder Gun is currently seeking approval on Steam Greenlight, so those of you interested in this type of platform shooter can follow the link to lend your support. The game also has a Itch.IO page that you can visit, as well as a Gamejolt page that you can check out as well for further details.


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