Red Obsidian Remnant, Dungeon Explorer Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Small indie group Red Obsidian Studio has put their latest game on Steam Greenlight in search of votes. Currently entitled Red Obsidian Remnant, the RPG dungeon adventure game offers tactical fighting and co-op play, along with a massive labyrinth to discover.

The game sets players in a world that’s been taken over by demonic forces that are after a special Relic in a Ghost Town. Not only do these forces enslave the Defender of Treasure, which is a Dragon, they’re also after the red-stone (or the Relic) that will decimate all human existence.

Obviously, this is where the player steps in to save the world from such. To be honest, I do have to say that the game is very interesting for the fact that it is a project on Steam Greenlight, which usually results in some pretty crappy games, but this one doesn’t really fit into the typical Greenlight standard.

Players will be able to move around freely, jump in the air with crazy combos that can start on ground with a single enemy, and then transcend into a flying combo with a horde of enemies all being annihilated at once.

If you want to check out some actual gameplay and how the game functions, you can watch the video below, courtesy of Red Obsidian Studio‘s YouTube channel.

Adding a bit of flair to the game, monsters will sport special properties that will affect players for the worst. These things can be avoided and triumphed by tactics and learning the enemy’s pattern. This will provide a nice upper hand in fights if executed correctly.

If folks are still having problems fighting enemies single-handily, the game sports co-op play with a second character. This allow for both players to cycle through a warrior and rogue class to defeat enemies in their path. Lastly, and speaking of classes, there are plans by the devs to add even more classes in the future. For those that want to vote for the game, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight.


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