Hover Cubes: Arena, Point-To-Point Racing Game Coming Soon To Steam

Hover Cubes: Arena is a 3D running game by developer Gametology, which is similar to the 2D running game SpeedRunners. The object of the game is to run and platform across various landscapes set in a Sci-Fi realm. The game is currently in Steam Early Access’ “Coming Soon” stage, and is slated for PC this year.

Admittedly, I do have to say that games like SpeedRunners are fun to play. Although they are very simple in concept, they do offer a fresh take on racing, providing a nice foot run to the flag-pole. In addition to this, publisher Deck13 and developer Gametology seek to bring just that to the gaming space, and more.

“Hover Cubes: Arena is a competitive first-person action jump ‘n’ run, combining a fast dynamic gameplay (air jumps, wall jumps, dash and slides) and shooter mechanics to reach a whole new level. Be part of a great tournament! Play with or against your friends or challenge other players worldwide.”

If this game offers players customizable tracks like TrackMania or implements it in the future that would be pretty cool. However, at this point, it doesn’t look like the devs will be doing so. Instead, we see a futuristic map set in a garden of technology, with a lot of platforming. You can check out the official trailer below.

The arena racer seeks to be very competitive, and from the looks of it the first-person jump’n’run game looks to be somewhat challenging. Although the trailer revealed a very small snippet of gameplay, from what was shown the game relies heavily on parkour and quick navigation.

Double jumping and cube platforming will be essential to the formula called in Hover Cubes, which can be cheesed by using different abilities and combinations to overcome the hidden traps and obstacles set to hinder your path.

Online play will also make an appearance in the game, enabling opponents to use the environments to slow their counterparts down, or folks can become a fan of their favorite team and watch them speed run through flying courses until they reach the end.

As of now, Hover Cubes: Arena will be available for PC sometime “very soon” on Steam Early Access this year. If you want to learn more about this game, you can hit up the official website.


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