YouTubers Life Lets Gamers Pursue The Dream Of Becoming A Famous YouTuber

I suppose you could call it PewDiePie: Gaming YouTube and it would be just as accurate, but U-Play Online’s YouTubers Life is a title about establishing a YouTuber and working with them to become the next big thing in the online media space.

The gameplay is very similar to a time management simulator fused with EA’s The Sims. Players will have to feed their YouTuber, play video games, stream online, edit videos, attend parties and try to climb up the social ladder to becoming a renown and well known personality online.

You can outfit with various types of clothing, upgrade their equipment and pick and choose how to edit together their videos for maximum success. There’s a brief promotional trailer that gives you a look at how the game is played and what you can expect from the title. Check it out below.

Youtubers Life Trailer

Youtubers Life is the ultimate vlogger tycoon/life-sim video game. The main aim of this title is to become the world’s greatest youtuber in history. To achieve it, you will have to edit videos, get in touch with other video bloggers and try that fame doesn’t overload you.

Oh, there’s nothing in there about getting into Twitter fights with random eggs accounts? No secret Skype groups aimed at undermining your popularity? No senseless Reddit drama that sends you into a mental breakdown? Why, that’s half the fun of being a YouTuber!

The title doesn’t have a release date yet but it’s labeled as “coming soon” to Steam.

One of the goals in the game is to grow your audience by reaching out and getting in touch with other YouTubers in order to make connections and grow your brand. The game aims to mix the tycoon elements found in Atari’s popular series with the social management found in The Sims.

The developers talk more about the concepts of the game and how they brought it all together in a periscope video they released to the public, which you can check out below.

Youtubers Life – Periscope 8 April 2016 LIVE

Wanna know what’s going on at U-Play Online? Youtubers Life! Look at our first #Periscope and find out! Recorded live on 8 April 2016.

The creation of the videos and the process of editing seems interesting… I’m curious if they’ll make it where you’ll sometimes have to spend upward of 60 hours editing together some videos only for YouTube to decide to bury it under a heap of trash?

The Spanish developers at U-Play Online have been working hard to create a simulator that both captures the struggles of becoming a well known YouTube celebrity, and the dedication required to make it all work.

And before you even ask… no, this company has nothing to do with Ubisoft’s terrible Uplay service. They’re two completely different things.

Anyway, according to the official website, they finished the alpha version of the game recently and are now focusing on ironing out the kinks and the bugs to make sure that it works right proper out of the gate when it lands on Steam. Again, there’s no official release date but the game is scheduled to launch soon on Valve’s digital distribution service.


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