Xbox Games With Gold For May Revealed

The four free games Microsoft is giving away for May have finally fallen into PlayStation Plus territory when it comes to quality. They weren’t going to be giving away free games of super high quality forever.

Over on the official Xbox website they announced that Peggle and Grid 2 would be available for the Xbox 360, and that Costume Quest 2 and Defense Grid 2 would be available for Xbox One gamers.

As is typical with the Xbox 360 titles, they support backwards compatibility on the Xbox One so you technically get four games for free in May if you have an Xbox One.

Grid 2 and Defense Grid 2 will be available for free starting May 1st, but Grid 2 will only be available up until May 15th. Peggle will be available between May 16th and May 31st. Defense Grid 2 will be available for free throughout the entire month, up until May 31st. Costume Quest 2, however, will be available between May 16th and June 15th.

All of the free games for May are definitely a step back from the AAA offerings from April, which saw Microsoft being very generous with games like Sunset Overdrive and Dead Space.

Of course, Microsoft wasn’t going to keep throwing out high-quality, AAA games each month. That’s sort of how PlayStation Plus started before eventually winding down into no-name indie titles and small-time arcade games.

Nevertheless, the Games With Gold program has been pretty worthwhile for the time that it’s been active and it definitely adds value to the Xbox Live subscription. In fact, I would say that multiplayer aside, the four free games each month are actually worth the price of subscribing.

As far as the quality of May’s Games With Gold are concerned, the only really worthwhile title in the bunch is Grid 2, which was one of Codemasters’ finer outings.

The two Xbox One titles are available now for purchase for $14.99, but you can wait until May to get them for free. Grid 2 on the Xbox 360 is still $24.99 and Peggle is $9.99.


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