Weekly Recap April 30th: Gaming Media Falls For Fake The Division Glitch

While the Nintendo NX not showing up at E3 and scheduled to appear at some point in March of 2017 next year is probably the one thing that has everyone across the web talking, the one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten so soon is how gaming media found themselves reporting on a fake glitch for The Division in a rush to get those juicy clicks.

We found out that half of all Americans don’t plan on buying a virtual reality headset this year, which must sting for Oculus and HTC… Sony, too. We also found out that Blizzard has been in talks with the Nostalrius server operators, but we don’t know what exactly the talks have been about. These stories and more in this April 30th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer Fell For A Hoax

It’s not that hard to dupe gaming media into running fake stories. That’s the lesson learned in this latest scandal that involves IGN, Gamespot and Eurogamer (amongst many others) running a story that an exploit was possible in The Division that didn’t actually exist. A new free-to-play, 3D warfare game called Warfare Online is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight. PAX East revealed a new point-and-click adventure game called Beat Cop. A cool looking side-scroller called So Long Earth takes a page out of Super Mario Galaxy as far as platforming is concerned. And it looks as if Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will be censored when it makes its way Westward for the Wii U.


Five Nights At Freddy’s Isn’t Over With

Scott Cawthon has revealed yet another new Five Nights at Freddy’s game called Sister Location. It’s rumored to be out this October. Modding tools have arrived for Grim Dawn. The official release date for King of Fighters XIV has been announced for the PS4. Borderlands 3 was hinted at by Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford, who acknowledged that it’s the next game for them to work on after they get done with Battleborn. And John Romero and Adrian Carmack unleashed the Kickstarter for their latest first-person shooter called Blackroom.


Blizzard Addresses Nostalrius Shutdown

After Blizzard shutdown the private server, Nostalrius, they were beseeched by the community to address the shutdown and the situation involving a vanilla service for World of Warcraft, and Blizzard finally responded but it wasn’t what gamers were hoping for. The May Games with Gold list was recently revealed, featuring four free games for Xbox One owners and two free games for Xbox 360 owners. A new IndieGoGo campaign for a strange little indie called Don’t Kill Her is seeking funding. And a new alpha demo is available for the Dark Souls meets Witcher 3 hack-and-slash game Rioh has gone live for PS4 gamers.


Nintendo NX Won’t Be Making An Appearance At E3

If you were hoping to get your first glimpse of Nintendo’s newest home console at the upcoming E3 event in June, think again. Nintendo announced that the NX won’t be arriving until March in 2017 and it won’t be appearing at this year’s E3. The Fallout 4 mod tools have entered into open beta on PC and you can grab them right now. Video games have seen some major revenue upgrades over the past couple of years, closing in on the $100 billion mark soon. And Hearthstone has managed to acquire more than 50 million registered users over its short time span on the market, going up by 10 million users since February of this year.


Half Of Americans Don’t Plan To Buy A VR Headset

Despite all of the hype and promotion of VR, more than 50% of Americans don’t plan on buying a VR headset within the next six months. Juxtaposing that is a stat showing that many of the potential buyers of VR headsets are within the e-sports community. The special editions of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided were detailed along with a new trailer that showcases plenty of gameplay. The classic JRPG, Romancing Saga 2 is actually coming to mobile devices. New videos showcase the campaign mode for DOOM, giving gamers a nice look at the single-player content. And despite Blizzard being at odds with their community when it comes to World of Warcraft, they’ve garnered 50 million registered users for Hearthstone.


The Chinese Room Accuses CD Projekt Red Of Sexism

Burning up on social media at the moment is a discussion surrounding whether or not sexy women used in any way at all is now sexist, thanks to developers of walking simulators like Dear Esther and Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture taking a clear pot shot at CD Projekt Red over an image used in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 that they deemed as sexist. The makers of inFamous could be back in the trenches, working on an upcoming Spider-Man game, according to the good folks over at WCCF Tech. It’s all a rumor for now but it could develop into something more. A new Otome visual novel called Ozmafia has launched, so female gamers and gay gamers looking to get their groove on in story-oriented romance with pretty-boys can do so right now, as noted by Hardcore Gamer. And there’s a new Iron Man themed Xbox One console that actually looks more like a cross between something out Star Trek and Star Wars… you can check out the image over on Fenix Bazaar.


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap April 30th: Gaming Media Falls For Fake The Division Glitch

  1. When I was looking up Dark Souls 3 PC stuff, I kept seeing articles and people complaining they were getting banned for no reason. This might be why:

    A friend just told me that there’s a thread on NeoGaf about a guy on Dark Souls 3 PC who plays a hacked character, invades people online and stabs them with a knife that gives the host a ton of souls. Allegedly, this causes the game’s anti-cheat protection to automatically ban the host.


    Who knows if he’s the only one. Might be worth writing an article about.

    1. The dark side to all those “praised auto ban features” nobody likes to talk about, there are many false positives and mistakes, try to get support to listen to you once you have been branded a cheater

      Cheating sucks, i get it, i’ve personally experienced Titanfall being ruined by cheaters, but focus should be put into preventing the cheating taking place rather than handing out punishments with ambiguous reach (they might affect your standing in other games as many find out many months later), they always take the easy route and never fix the goddamn problem

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