Weekly Recap April 16th: Nintendo’s Escort Woes And Blizzard Kills Nostalrius

It seems like each and every week is composed of some of the most tawdry, outlandish and bizarre stories imaginable within the world of interactive entertainment. One thing is for sure, since 2014 there has yet to be a single week that’s entirely composed of just gaming news without any of the drama.

The week started off with Nintendo trying to rid themselves of the stains that came with the reports about one of their employees working as an escort on the side while being the face of the company as a public relations specialist. Just imagine that… a prostitute representing a kid’s company? It puts a whole new spin on a Nintendo rep asking if little Timmy wants to lick a lollipop.

We finally got some news about Titanfall 2, but that was all buried underneath a heap of resentment, anger and plenty of DDoS’d servers as Lizard Squad battled Blizzard after they shut down the Nostalrius servers. Oh, and Scarlett Johansson is starring in a live-action Ghost in the Shell movie. These stories and so much more in this April 16th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


It “SEEMS” Former Nintendo PR Employee Alison Rapp was a High-Priced Escort in Seattle

Don’t be a BUSTER! Subscribe to my channel here! https://www.youtube.com/user/penintendo New evidence from GameZone has emerged that Alison Rapp, the former PR employee for Nintendo, was a high priced escort (prostitute) in Seattle. Article Link and every source: http://www.gamezone.com/news/it-seems-former-nintendo-pr-employee-alison-rapp-was-a-prostitute-3435712 http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3480/9086/original.jpg https://imgur.com/OfRKqXS Follow the FUN!

Nintendo’s Fired PR Rep Was An Escort

Well that whole Alison Rapp fiasco turned out to be a lot more tawdry than even Gawker could have anticipated. It’s been revealed that Rapp was/is an escort and that’s the real reason why Nintendo dropped the axe. However, the media was quick to come down on Nintendo despite the fact that they came down on Microsoft for hiring gogo dancers. The full trophy list for Ratchet and Clank on the PS4 was revealed. The MomoCon Indie Awards finalists were revealed, and it consists of 20 different games that aren’t on the list just be cause the devs slept with the event organizers. It turns out that the Technomancer on the Xbox One only runs at 900p and 30fps, a huge step back from the expected 1080p standard. And there’s a new report indicating that gamers actually really hate microtransactions. Who’d have thunk it?


Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer – PS4, Xbox One and PC

Be among the first to discover Titanfall 2: http://x.ea.com/4009 From Respawn Entertainment™, the studio that brought you the award-winning Titanfall™, comes Titanfall™ 2. Subscribe to see the first Titanfall 2 gameplay trailer coming June 12: http://x.ea.com/4122 Titanfall 2 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer Preps For E3

A teasing teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 was released, revealing pretty much nothing and giving gamers a bit of something to salivate over as we begin to travel the road to E3. A Gears of War 4 teaser trailer was also released, aiming to give gamers a small taste of what’s to come, and where the series has been. Ubisoft released more info on the upcoming Incursion update for The Division. Bethesda also opened up more about the upcoming modding tools for Fallout 4. More censorship strikes the Steam gaming space,this time with the PS Vita port of Go Go Burunyanman Ecstasy!!!. And a flying hoverboard shown during test flight has the internet screaming “fake!” to the high heavens. They plan on releasing more footage of the device despite people feeling as if it’s a hoax.


THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV – 12th Teaser Trailer | PS4

https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/the-king-of-fighters-xiv-ps4/ We are pleased to reveal our latest teaser trailer for the PlayStation®4 exclusive title “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV”, in which “Mai Shiranui”, SNK’s most emblematic and popular female character is featured, and the entry of “Banderas Hattori”, a new character keen on ninjas, is presented for the first time!

King Of Fighters XIV Heads West Thanks To Atlus

The King of Fighters XIV is currently set to arrive on the PS4 in North America courtesy of Atlus USA. The small-time publisher of niche titles will lend SNK Playmore a hand in getting their latest 3D fighter onto store shelves in America. More SNK related news, as the classic 2D fighter Garou: Mark of the Wolves is currently playable on the Xbox One as a backwards compatible title. Don’t Starve Shipwrecked will eventually land on the PS4 very soon. Destiny:The Taken King has been updated to allow players to reach light level 335. And there’s a new Thrustmaster racing wheel for the Xbox One and PC with a matching pedal set called the TMX Force Feedback.


Blizzard Hit with Multiple DDOS Attacks – Payback for Shutting Down Nostalrius? – AlphaOmegaSin

AlphaOmegaSin talks about Blizzard getting hit with multiple DDOS attacks last night. Blizzard shut down Nostalrius recently & makes me think it’s connected. The Blizzard DDOS attacks kept the WoW and Diablo 3 servers down for a bit, will there be more to come?

Blizzard Shuts Down Nostalrius Servers

Following the shutdown of the Nostalrius private server, Blizzard came under harsh attack from the troll group known as the Lizard Squad. The group took down all of Blizzard servers, preventing gamers from logging into StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo in retaliation against Nostalrius being taken down. Dark Souls 3 got off to a rough start on PC thanks to a bug where the game crashes as you attempt to save the game at bonfires. Well, there’s a makeshift fix provided by the gaming community to resolve the bonfire crash… for now. The survival mode for Far Cry Primal has gone live… giving gamers a more hardcore survival experience compared to the story-oriented mode in the standard game. Stardew Valley has managed to sell more than a million copies and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse is set to arrive this summer on the Nintendo 3DS in North America.


Scarlett Johansson Will Star In Ghost In The Shell

Not actually gaming news, but it’s close enough. Popular anime Ghost in the Shell will be getting a live-action adaptation, and Hollywood went straight to its “It Girl”, the voluptuous Scarlett Johansson. The Black Widow star will don the role of Major Motoko Kusanagi in the cyberpunk sci-fi thriller… and fans aren’t entirely happy about it, with a petition garnering 73,000 signatures in just a few days. A couple of more characters have been revealed for King of Fighters XIV. Bravely Second: End Layer is now available in North America for the Nintendo 3DS. There’s going to be a Warframe convention this summer called TennoCon, hosted by indie developers Digital Extremes. Daum Communications and Pearl Abyss have shut down the use of model swapping nude mods in Black Desert Online… but modders haven’t given up. Some amazing breakthroughs have occurred in the realm of neural implants and bionic prostheses that should make gamers quite happy. And the petition to get EA to release the rights of Alice so American McGee can make a third game in the series has nearly reached 25,000 signatures.


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