Warfare Online: Free To Play Strategy Game seeking Greenlight approval

A few weeks ago, developers Con Artist Games announced their new real time strategy game Warfare Online, along with a few gameplay trailers to showcase how it plays in action.

Warfare online is an isometric, free-to-play, tactical strategy game that places you in command of several different military units to move in and eliminate hostile targets. Players will have a variety of different units to choose from as they move around the battlefield, as well as support assets to help buff your units or assist them in various ways.

A few of the support assets consists of speeding up your units so that they can cover more ground faster, parachute down anti-personnel land mines to thin out advancing enemy troops, or mark a high value target to command your troops to focus their efforts on eliminating that unit.

Assets to customize your units.

Assets to customize your units.

Warfare online also has vehicle units to help turn the tide of battle, ranging from jeeps to move your units around faster, to military APCs, or even deploy a tank to wreak havoc on enemy units and destroy their cover points to help your own units advance. The developers say that there are over 150 assets that you will be able to collect and use in battle, giving you a wide variety of different military tactics at your disposal. Want to see what the actual game is like? You can take a look at the announcement trailer and the gameplay teaser trailer that I linked down below.

Of course the game is called Warfare online, so that means that there will be online multiple battles that you will be able to compete in against other players, as well as single player skirmishes to hone your commanding skills. I’m not entirely sure how the free-to-play payment system will be set up, but the developers say that there won’t be any paywalls or free-to-play timers that restrict you access from enjoying the game.

Warfare online is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking approval, so if you are interested you can cast your vote if you would like to play the game in the future. For additional information and details, you can also visit the official Warfare online website. Warefare Online is scheduled for a 2016 release date.


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