VR Needs More Games Not More Hardware, Says nDreams Dev

There’s a debate raging within the core of the gaming community about virtual reality: is it really the next big thing? Some believe that it’s better than sliced bread, others feel as if it’s the Virtual Boy wearing lipstick and lingerie. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, some developers believe that the entry into virtual reality HMD’s becoming widely spread consumer devices is the amount of games available on the devices.

Gaming Bolt managed to get in word with nDreams developer, Richard Fabian, who explained that creating more hardware options or better hardware to handle VR stands secondary to getting more games out there that appeal to gamers and create must-have moments for consumers to purchase an HMD to play the game, saying…

“VR needs more games, though possibly not more hardware. Leaving the PS4 to have its highly accessible VR experience seems like a better plan for the future of VR, until we get new technology that changes VR, such as tetherless, or foveated rendering.”

This follows on Fabian explaining that Sony is in a somewhat precarious situation if they decide to follow through with the PlayStation 4.5 or the PS4K. Fabian told Gaming Bolt that a new game console this early from Sony could fragment the industry – both consumers and developers alike – stating…

“A move of this scale has many implications, both positive and negative. Market fragmentation is of particular concern to most developers; adding on another required platform for your QA can be costly. A new, higher power PS4 would be interesting, potentially leaving the Rift and Vive with no market, but nothing is set in stone until you have a unit on the shelf with a price tag attached”

Some gamers suspect that the PS4K will be nothing more than a PS4 slim with 4K media capabilities. Most of everyone who isn’t a rabid fanboy knows that the PS4K won’t be able to play games at 4K, but could very well offer some decent media playback and streaming at that resolution.

The comment section on Gaming Bolt also offers some interesting insight into the possible future of VR, noting that the tethered setup of the PS VR is a real step backward given that gamers have to constantly watch out where they step to avoid tripping over themselves. It’s also mentioned that the low resolution with the jaggies present in VR displays is also a huge step back from the full HD and ultra HD displays people are experiencing from monitors and televisions at present.

I think it’s safe to recognize that the PS VR will be an entry-level VR HMD, possibly giving gamers just enough of a taste to potentially upgrade to the HTC Vive or sell their soul over to Facebook for the Oculus Rift.

Sony, of course, has a prime opportunity to utilize a fair bit of market share by going in cheap with a serviceable VR headset this fall on the most popular home console on the market, so they’re obviously not going to pass up that opportunity. As long as the PS4K isn’t a divisive device that segregates the market for PS4 titles, then I think they’re moving in the right direction with their current roadmap.


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11 thoughts on “VR Needs More Games Not More Hardware, Says nDreams Dev

    1. Lower prices, yeah but considering the hardware involved and the price of a cellphone with comparable features its not really that expensive (remember they include some pretty expensive external motion control sensors and controllers that cellphones do not include), it will get cheaper when they start mass producing them, right now its still niche

      now compatibility for mid range hardware, i have no idea where they are going to learn that arcane magic, those Dr. Strange trailers are not real you know, wait until today’s high end hardware becomes tomorrow’s mid range hardware

  1. I don’t care about vr for the same reason I don’t care about 3d. Because I wear glasses. And glasses over glasses isn’t comfortable. Has any vr headset actually addressed this?

    1. I thought the Oculus did. I remember reading about it, but I don’t remember the details. Oculus is dead to me anyway.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about decent VR games. I know there are a ton of headsets that all essentially do the same thing and cost a fortune. There were already head mounted displays a long time ago, and as far as I know, VR isn’t that different.

    I didn’t know Sony was making a PS4K. Really not interested in 4K. I don’t give a damn about increase in visual fidelity when modern media continues to increasingly suck shit. Even if I had 4K I’d probably still be playing ~384×224 resolution CPS2/SNK NeoGeo games or something,

    Didn’t console makers always lose money from hardware sales and made money back via good software? Did everyone forget about that and decide to pump all their money into lots of crappy identical hardware that nobody wants?

    1. Didn’t console makers always lose money from hardware sales and made money back via good software?

      Not this gen. They went uber cheap so they could profit from hardware sales, too. They wanted their cake and to eat it.

      PS4 makes Sony a small profit per SKU sold, the complete opposite of the PS3.

  3. I see these gaming sites gushing all over VR and I wonder if it’s payola, but then I see the crap they are playing and I realize that VR is a potential niche market for pretentious walking simulators.

    1. I don’t think its payola, i think its the old OMFG THE GRAPHICS! mentality that was repressed the past 10 years coming back out

      The disappointment will black out the sun

  4. I think VR has potential but nowhere near there in software and its still behind in hardware to run the games over the 90fps sweetspot, this whole thing needs a few years to mature, they are overhyping it and its going to come back to bite their asses

    My greatest hope for VR technology is that it will force developers to FINALLY unlock framerate and field of view on games since that is necessary to support the thing so no more fps locked shit with tunnel vision, i suppose it will also give CPU and GPU companies a slap in the ass to get back on the power treadmill

    Also i wish ppl would stop calling the new ps4 “Playstation4k”, there is no chance in hell that console is going to play games in 4k, you need a top of the line, PC to “maybe” get playable speeds in 4k, you need a lot of muscle to handle that resolution, playing media in 4k sounds a lot more likely (although for what i hear most movies are not being shot on 4k so you are getting some upscaled BS)

    Wtf do you want to game in 4k anyway, it would me much better to ask for a much more plausible 1080p60hz standard, it would be healthier for everyone too

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