Valentino Rossi: The Game Features Motoranch VR46 Track

A new trailer for Milestone’s Valentino Rossi: The Game has surfaced featuring the MotoRanch VR46 track.

The MotoRanch will make an appearance in the game for the very first time, giving gamers an opportunity to race the discipline of the Flat Track. As mentioned in the press release…

“The MotoRanch represents the training field for Valentino Rossi and the VR46 Riders Academy and consists of different circuits where you can practice one of the most engaging discipline like the Flat Track.”

Given that words just don’t do a video game justice, Milestone let loose a short video trailer showcasing Valentino Rossi: The Game in action, specifically highlighting the MotoRanch. Check it out below.

Valentino Rossi The Game Ranch Trailer UK

Valentino Rossi The Game is out this June! Experience the most complete MotoGP game to date!

The track looks slick. To be a dirt track the MotoRanch’s turns and straightaways are exceptionally smooth. The dirt bikes aren’t bouncing and bumping around, but instead are moving across the surfaces almost as lean and clean as the Super Moto bikes

Don’t take it that the lack of bumps and jumps will make it easy pickings, the track is designed to test the mettle of racers and is part of the VR46 Academy’s racing circuits.

These bikes are specifically designed for this kind of track, known as the Flat Track Bike.

The game will feature four different competitions for players to partake in, including Dritta, Alla Rovescia, EnduRanch and Americana.

Each of the competitive events will also feature various weather conditions, as well as two different kinds of time of day, including daytime and sunset.

Graphically Valentino Rossi: The Game doesn’t look all that bad. I was expecting something worse, but the close-up on the riders looked really good. The resolution is clean and the frame-rate appears to be solid enough. Most impressive is the dust kick-up and bike physics. Milestone appears to be getting better by the game… sometimes.

You can look for Valentino Rossi: The Game for the Xbox One and PS4 on June 16th. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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